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Full-time Students, Undergraduate

The charges for full-time students for 2022-2023 are:

  Resident Commuter
Tuition and fees $48,620 $48,500
Room and board* $13,220 $0
Total $61,840 $48,500

See breakout of all full-time undergraduate student tuition and fees.

  • Annual costs are generally divided into two payments: one for each semester.

  • Please note: LVC requires all first-year students, sophomores, juniors, and seniors to live on campus unless they are enrolled as a commuting student (must be within 30 driving miles from campus). All resident students must have a residential meal plan.

  • In addition, students should anticipate other expenses for books, transportation, and personal and miscellaneous educational items. Those expenses are estimated to be approximately $3,868 for resident students, $17,088 for students living off-campus, and $7,168 for commuting students living with their parents. These estimated costs are included in the cost of attendance when determining eligibility for financial aid. An estimated allowance for room and board is included in the off-campus and commuter costs of attendance.

  • Visit meal plans and housing options for more detailed information about these costs. 

  • For more information about financing options, financial aid checklist, and the terms and conditions of accepting aid, please see the Financial Aid Information Packet.

  • You may also view details about federal student loans, plus loans, and private student loans.

  • Certain courses charge additional fees such as lab fees, etc. The charge is assessed at the time of registration for that particular course.

  • Some or all instruction for all or part of an Academic Year may be delivered remotely or in hybrid format. Tuition and the comprehensive fee have been set regardless of the method of instruction and will not be refunded in the event instruction occurs remotely or in hybrid format for any part of an Academic Year.
  • The value of a Lebanon Valley College education and degree, whether in-person or remote, continues to exceed tuition. Moreover, our main educational costs are continuing, as the services they provide are continuing; our infrastructure costs are continuing; and we are incurring additional costs for online education and actions we are taking to respond to the pandemic. As such, Lebanon Valley College does not refund tuition and comprehensive fee because of changes to the method of delivery of instruction.
  • Student housing, meal plans, and dining options may have to be modified before and/or during the semester to address health and safety concerns and/or to comply with risk mitigation strategies.  Students accept full financial responsibility for housing and meal plan charges, regardless of any such changes. In the event that the College is unable to provide housing or meals during a portion of the semester due to the effects of COVID-19 or other circumstances beyond the College’s reasonable control, the College will determine the amount of any housing or meal plan charges to be refunded.

Students and families who are in financial distress due to the coronavirus pandemic are encouraged to reach out for help. Please contact the Financial Aid Office at for more information.

Financial Aid By the Numbers


of Incoming Class Received Grant or Scholarship from LVC


Average Financial Aid Package for Incoming Class


Average Academic Scholarship for Incoming Class


Total Scholarship & Aid Expenditures for Incoming Class

Financial aid was a big factor when I was shopping for colleges. I was choosing between two schools that were completely different from one another—LVC and a public university in Pennsylvania. When my father and I calculated the costs, we found that both schools came out to be the same price, even with the higher sticker price for LVC.

Music Education

Jordan J. Bilicki