Tuition Billing

Payment is due by the date indicated on each monthly statement. Statements are also available online via AccessLVC. A late fee of $200 per semester will be assessed on accounts not paid in full by the initial due date.

2024–25 Billing Dates
Semester Email Date Due Date
Fall 2024 7/8/24 8/5/24
Spring 2025 11/27/24 1/6/25


Monthly interest is charged at 1.5% on all past due balances. The late fee and interest charges will not be waived.

Payments may be mailed to:
Lebanon Valley College
Business Office
101 North College Avenue
Annville, PA 17003

It is possible that the statement of account does not accurately reflect the balance due for a particular term. The amount due by the stated due date is the amount listed on your statement of account less approved financial aid (please refer to your financial aid award letter for details). Students receiving Social Security or Veteran’s Educational Benefits may defer the amount covered by these benefits. The following types of financial aid will not be credited to your student account until the following conditions are met.

  • Pell Grants/SEOG*: 1/2 of the yearly award is credited. For new students, no credit is issued until the award letter is signed and returned to the Financial Aid Office.
  • State Grants*: 1/2 of the yearly award is credited after the official award notification is received and certified from the state grant agency.
  • Direct Loans and PLUS Loans*: These loans will not be credited until the promissory note is completed.
  • Private Alternative Loans: These loans will not be credited until the signed promissory note is returned to the lender.
  • Campus employment: Awards are not credited and may not be deducted from the balance due. Students are paid monthly for hours worked.
  • Employer payments or other aid from external sources: Are not credited until funds are received by the Business Office.

*Federal and state regulations prohibit the College from crediting your account until the week before the beginning of the semester.