First Year Mentors group

Student Mentoring

Guidance to Go Further

At LVC, we’re big on mentorship—from Day 1. whether it’s from your peers, professors, or staff members, there are many options for you to find guidance in your personal, professional, and academic goals.

LVC students pose on move-in day

Building Community

First-year Mentors

For incoming students, one of your first student contacts at orientation will be with your First-year Mentor. First-year mentors are undergraduates who know their way around LVC and will help you navigate your early days at LVC. Your First-year Mentor will connect you with your peers, support systems, and the greater LVC community.

Resident Assistants

Resident assistants (RAs) live on each floor of a residence hall.  They are ready to answer your questions about campus, activities, offices, and events. RAs are trained to facilitate good roommate and social relationships.

LVC 5050 Peer Helpers

5050 Peer Helpers

Trained and supervised by our professional counselors, our 5050 Peer Helpers are students who meet 1:1 with other students to discuss issues including anxiety, long-distance relationships, and academic concerns. They also run a weekend social supportive group called “Friendly Faces” for any interested students.

LVC Mosaic Mentors

Mosaic Mentors

The Mosaic Mentorship program provides dedicated peer support and guidance to incoming students who are BIPOC, part of the Lebanon Valley Educational Partnership program, international, and LGBTQ+. Mosaic mentors assist you with academic, social, cultural, and personal support, so you can thrive during your time here (and beyond).

Academic & Career Guidance

Get 1:1 support from caring staff and peers who believe in your success. The Center for Academic Success & Exploratory Majors and the Breen Center for Career & Professional Development are here to help you align your academic experience and career goals. Your First-year Experience instructors will guide your through your first semester and serve as your go-to people for all your questions and concerns.

Mentor Advice

Put yourself out there and get to know not only your peers, but also your professors! Everyone is kind and welcoming. By making these connections, classes and events are so much more meaningful and fun!
Daisy Mendez ’24, First-Year Mentor & Early Childhood Education Major
Get into a routine that allows for time studying, socializing, and moving your body! These are all equally important to keep up with in college.
Megan Groth ’26, First-Year Mentor & Exercise Science Major
It’s ok to say no. As a first-year, you want to be involved in a lot of things, but when it comes to balancing social life with academics, you have to make hard decisions to better your academic goals.
Josh Caso ’25, First-Year Mentor & Economics Major