parking map of campus

Where to Park


Residential Students & ASC Members

red squareA Red Lot

red square B Red Lot

gold square N Gold Lot

gold square V Gold Lot

Commuter/Part-time Students and Visitors

green squareC, D, I Green Lot

red squareA + B (overflow)

Staff & Visitors

silver squareE Silver Lot

silver square F Silver Lot

silver square G Silver Lot

silver square H Silver Lot

silver square Silver Lot

silver square O Silver Lot

silver square Q Silver Lot

silver square R Silver Lot

Derickson Hall Residents

blue square K Blue Lot

blue square E Blue Lot



purple square L Soccer/Baseball Lot

purple square M Soccer Practice Lot


Campus Parking Assignments
red squareRed Lots: Parking Lots ASC
West (A) and East (B): Residential Students
East (B): ASC Members – posted area
Sporting Events
Overflow commuters and part-time students
blue squareBlue Lot
Derickson Hall Lot (K)
Assigned spaces in the Fencil Lot (E) at the corner of Route 934 and Sheridan Ave.
gold squareGold Lot (N)
Resident First-year Students
General parking
Overflow parking (residents, commuters, part-time students)
orange circleEmergency Phone & Blue Light
green squareGreen Lots
Commuter/PT Students
Visitors/Guests/Special events
*Overflow parking available Red Lots
Visitor Parking
Administrative Buildings
Summit Street (I)
East Gate (P)
silver squareSilver Lots: Staff/Visitor
Library (G) (Visitors 6 p.m. – 6 a.m.)
Garber (F) (Visitors/Students 6 p.m. – 6 a.m.)
Fencil Lot (E)
Wagner House (Q)
Laughlin Hall (H) (Visitors/Students after 6 p.m. – 6 a.m.)
Weimer House
Fire Company Lots (O) (M-F 7 a.m. – 5 p.m.)
SouthsideASC/Heilman (P)
Gravel Lot (R)


Note: Assigned parking areas are indicated by the color coded permits issued and valid expiration dates. 

  • Red parking permits allow parking in red designated lots.
  • All registrants are required to park their vehicles in their assigned color-coded lots only. Part-time students will be issued yellow decals and off-campus students will be issued teal decals. Both part-time and off-campus students will be assigned to park in the green lots on campus.
  • Failure to comply with the above restrictions will result in the issue of a parking citation.
  • Pull-off parking on Sheridan Avenue between Route 934 and College Avenue is only allowed for fifteen minutes. Violators will be issued a parking citation by the Lebanon Valley College Office of Campus Safety.
  • Do not park in any of the parking spaces marked reserved or on the Fire Company parking lot (O).