Students walk on campus

Four-Year Guarantee

At LVC, we make sure full-time, non-transfer students can complete requirements for the baccalaureate degree in four academic years (eight semesters), or we’ll provide the additional courses needed for the degree without charge. We’ll hold up our end of the bargain if you hold up yours.


Student Expectations

  • Meet minimum requirements for timely progress toward and completion of the degree
    • Complete an average of at least 15 credits per semester.
    • Pass all courses on the first attempt and satisfy all prerequisites (including minimum grade and GPA requirements) in accordance with the major’s semester-by-semester plan.
    • Maintain a minimum cumulative and major GPA of 2.0 and remain in good academic standing.
    • Not waiting to take a “first choice” course when multiple options are available.
  • Plan ahead and monitor progress toward your degree on a regular basis
    • Follow the prescribed semester-by-semester plan for your major, including required general education courses.
    • Meet with your advisor each semester and monitor your progress toward your degree using available resources.
    • Submit a completed and accurate Application for Graduation/Graduation Plan by the stated deadline published in the academic calendar.
  • Adhere to required College policies and deadlines
    • Submit your registration in a timely manner each semester—within two days after your assigned registration time.
    • Pay tuition and fees, complete all necessary financial aid paperwork, and provide required documentation to health services in a timely manner as directed.



  • Our guarantee does not include pursuit of second majors, minors, or education programs requiring more than the standard eight semesters.
  • Leaves of absence may require more than eight semesters in order to fulfill course sequences or changes to the curriculum requirements.
  • Depending upon the program, changing majors after the first semester can result in prolonging the time to degree completion
  • The guarantee does not apply to prolonged time-to-degree completion resulting from violations of College policy or academic standing requirements that result in separation from the institution (suspension or expulsion), removal from College housing, or removal from other aspects of the College experience.