LVC students visit castle in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland | Belfast

This spring semester program offers Music Business and Audio & Music Production majors the opportunity to take courses in their major at a large university in Belfast, Ireland.

Belfast is a port city on the Irish Sea. It has recently been described as Europe’s friendliest regional capital city. Located on the island of Ireland, yet part of the United Kingdom, it is home to a truly unique blend of Irish and British culture. Within 90 miles you can hike, explore lakes and rural areas, or visit the coast. Queen’s University is a world-renowned university located in the South Side of Belfast, just 15 minutes from the city center. Its student body consists of over 25,000 post- and undergraduate, full, and part-time students, including a large international community representing more than 90 countries.

There is a mandatory set of pre-departure orientations at LVC for all students planning to participate in the program. Students attend an on-site orientation once they arrive in Belfast.

Program Details

Students live in single-room residence halls and share kitchens and living areas with other students. Students are responsible for preparing their own meals.

This program allows students to receive transfer credits for their major and general education requirements by studying at Queen’s University. For exact course offerings and descriptions, please browse the Queen’s University list of modules located on their website.

LVC students will enroll in three or four courses, worth four credits each, for a total of 12-16 credits earned during the semester. A combination of music classes and general education classes can be taken.

AMP major requirements that can be fulfilled:

  • AMP 352 Electronic Music
  • Private study on principle instrument or voice

Download Budget Sheet

  • LVC tuition and fees
  • LVC room charges

Food, travel, and personal expenses are NOT included in these fees. Fees are subject to change.

Financial Aid Policy

Most LVC Students will receive their financial aid in full for all semester-long study abroad and study away programs. Allwein scholars will receive 50% of their full-tuition scholarship for semester-long study abroad and study away programs. The $2,500/year Allwein stipend may be used to supplement the reduction in scholarship. Tuition Exchange and Tuition Remission recipients will receive the value of the Mary A. Weiss Scholarship for semester-long study abroad programs. The value will be the equivalent to the value awarded to the same year’s incoming class. Additional LVC study abroad scholarship funding, based on eligibility, is available for this program.

Spring Semester Only

  • Applications should be received by March 1
  • $25 deposit is due with application*
  • Accepted students will owe a $175 program deposit by the application deadline*
  • Packet of forms is due by November 15
  • Length of stay: Early January to mid-May
  • Approximately 16 credits

* The $200 program deposit will be credited to the student’s account in the Business Office for the start of the off-campus semester. The $200 deposit will be forfeited on student withdrawal from the program.


Music Business and Audio & Music Production majors with at least a 3.00 GPA may apply.

Travel excursions are not included in the program cost. Belfast has excellent transportation options with easy bus and train service around the Island, ferry links to England and Scotland, and airports with low-cost flights to the UK and beyond.

A long semester break occurs during the spring semester. Students also have the opportunity to travel on weekends.