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COVID-19 vaccines are available to all groups in PA. Review the fall 2021 return to campus protocols and let LVC know when you are fully vaccinated.

Berlin is Germany's capital and is known as a dynamic, multicultural center. The city is home to 3.4 million people and is located in Northeastern Germany. Berlin features countless museums, opera houses, and theaters along with a rich past, spanning many centuries of German history. Students will receive a monthly transportation pass for travel around the city of Berlin.

There is a mandatory set of pre-departure orientations at LVC for all students planning to participate in the program. Students also attend an on-site orientation in Berlin. 

Program Details

Housing and Meals

Students are housed in private homes where only German is spoken. Host families provide breakfast and dinner. The informal atmosphere enhances language learning. 


Students attend FU-BEST, an institution for American study abroad students located at the Freie Universität, one of Germany's premier institutions of higher education, in the Southwest sector of Berlin. The university was founded in 1948, and has an enrollment of approximately 30,000 students.

Sample courses include:

  • Modern German History in European Context: A Thematic Approach (three credits)
  • Islam and Europe: Historical and Contemporary Dimensions (three credits) Integration, Conflict, and Security in Europe (three credits)
  • Perspectives on 20th Century Art in Central Europe (three credits)
  • German Cinema to 1945 (three credits)
  • Literatur und Film in Deutschland nach der Vereinigung (Taught in German) (three credits)
  • Jewish Life in Central Europe
  • European Business Cultures
  • The Human Condition and Totalitarian Experience (three credits)


Download Budget Sheet

  • LVC tuition and fees 
  • LVC room and partial board 

Travel and personal expenses are NOT included in these fees. Fees are subject to change.

Financial Aid Policy

Most LVC students will receive his/her financial aid in full for all semester-long study abroad and study away programs. Exceptions: Allwein scholars will receive 50% of their full tuition scholarship for semester-long study abroad and study away programs. The $2,500/year stipend may be used to supplement the reduction in scholarship. Tuition Exchange and Tuition Remission recipients will receive the value of the Mary A. Weiss Scholarship for semester-long study abroad programs. The value will be equivalent to the value awarded to the same year’s incoming class. For example, if the student will be studying abroad in spring 2020, the Mary A. Weiss Scholarship will be the same value that was awarded to the incoming class for 2018-2019 academic year.


Fall Semester

  • Applications should be received by March 15
  • $25 deposit is due with application*
  • Accepted students will owe a $475 program deposit by the application deadline*
  • Packet of forms is due by April 1
  • Length of stay: Early September to mid-December
  • Approximately 14-17 credits

Spring Semester

  • Applications should be received by October 1.
  • $25 deposit is due with application*
  • Accepted students will owe a $475 program deposit by the application deadline*
  • Packet of forms is due by November 15
  • Length of stay: Early January to late April
  • Approximately 14-17 credits

* The $500 program deposit will be credited to the student's account in the Business Office for the start of the off-campus semester. The $500 deposit will be forfeited on student withdrawal from the program. 

Language of Instruction

German and English 

Eligibility Requirements

Students from any major who are in good academic standing (3.0 GPA) and have completed at least one year of beginning college-level German may apply. 

Group Excursions

Field trips to museums, concerts, and operas are an integral part of the course work and are carefully planned to take advantage of the rich history and culture of the locale. A one-week excursion will be taken inside Germany and/or another European country. The exact destinations vary and are determined by FU-BEST at the beginning of the program.