Boston, Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts

This fall or spring semester program offers students in any major the chance to complete an internship in a city while earning academic credits.

Semester in the City is a fully credited fellowship program that gives undergraduate students the opportunity to spend a semester in Boston learning hands-on through well-supported internships and supporting coursework in the social sector. Students participate in a transformative 15-week program that allows them to address current social issues while developing essential skills and networks that prepare them for life and work after graduation.

There is a mandatory set of pre-departure orientations at LVC for all students planning to participate in the program. Students will also attend an on-site orientation in Boston.

Program Details

Students will live in shared apartments in Allston, a Boston neighborhood with a large student and young professional population. Each apartment building has a resident advisor who is responsible for organizing student activities.

Meals are the responsibility of the student and can be prepared in the apartments. Dinner is provided by the program every Wednesday night, as well as a provided breakfast and lunch every Friday during class time.

STUDENTS FULFILL ONE IMMERSIVE (IME) CONSTELLATION REQUIREMENT WITH PARTICIPATION IN THE PROGRAM. Students spend four days a week at an internship site, one morning and one evening a week in required courses. A total of 16 credits are earned during the semester.

Internship (8 credits)

During their Semester in the City, students will intern with a nonprofit, social mission business, or government agency for 30 hours per week. Fellows will gain work-based experience, allowing them to learn more about themselves and their passions while also building their skills and networks. Semester in the City will work with students to find a placement aligned with their personal social justice interests, such as criminal justice reform, education, gender equality, environmental sustainability, or beyond. While every placement will be a little different, each student will have a dedicated mentor to help them thrive.

In addition, students engage in two weekly reflective and skill-building courses:

Becoming a Problem Solver (4 credits; fulfills the Intercultural Competence (IC) Constellation requirement)

This course is offered on Friday mornings and intends to build the skills of students as change-makers for social good. Students participate in skill-building and reflective workshops designed around core skills of launching a purpose-driven career, working in diverse teams, persuasive communication, and human-centered problem-solving. Reflection plays a huge role whether by journaling, through discussion in pairs and small groups, or by writing a culminating reflection essay. Students practice new concepts and skills every week, engage in team-based community research projects, develop their professional online profile and portfolio of work, and design a three-minute speech that they deliver at graduation.

The Social Innovator’s Tool Box (4 credits)

Students will be enrolled in this foundational course that meets one evening a week. The course will introduce students to different approaches to social change and social innovation. Students will explore how impact investing, advocacy, action tanking, social entrepreneurship, and movement building can advance progress on issues students care about. The course will use case studies and discussions with leading change-makers—as well as the emerging academic literature on social innovation—to illuminate different pathways to change.

Download Budget Sheet

  • LVC tuition and fees
  • LVC room fees

*Food, travel, and personal expenses are NOT included in these fees. Fees are subject to change.

Financial bonuses to participants:

  • No application and final study away deposits are required for this program
  • Every participant will receive a one-time $595 stipend for personal use during the semester
  • Every participant will receive a monthly CharlieCard (MBTA transportation pass for the subway, tram, and bus system throughout Boston)

Financial Aid Policy

Most LVC Students will receive their financial aid in full for all semester-long study abroad and study away programs. Allwein scholars will receive 50% of their full-tuition scholarship for semester-long study abroad and study away programs. The $2,500/year Allwein stipend may be used to supplement the reduction in scholarship. Tuition Exchange and Tuition Remission recipients will receive the value of the Mary A. Weiss Scholarship for semester-long study abroad programs. The value will be the equivalent to the value awarded to the same year’s incoming class. Additional LVC study abroad scholarship funding, based on eligibility, is available for this program.

Fall semester

  • LVC Study Away Applications should be received by March 1.
  • Packet of forms is due April 15.
  • Fall semester in Boston (16 credits): Late August to mid-December.

Spring semester

  • LVC Study Away Applications should be received by October 1.
  • Packet of forms is due November 15.
  • Spring semester in Boston (16 credits): mid-January to mid-May.

Students from any major who are in good academic (2.5 GPA) and social standing may apply.

Your weekends are free to explore all of the history, museums, attractions, sporting events, and nightlife offered in Boston. Some optional weekend city field trips may be arranged by the program for students.