Teach Across STEM Disciplines.

Develop an integrated STEM pedagogy that inspires your students by helping them make connections across disciplines and understand real-world applications.

The coursework in LVC’s Integrative STEM Education Certificate provides you with the tools and best practices you need to integrate K–12 STEM concepts, design a standards-based curriculum, apply for funding, and develop a digital portfolio of teaching evidence.

Our Integrative STEM Education Certificate is a four-course graduate certificate program that takes place online and on campus. Depending on your teaching credentials, you’ll also be eligible to apply for a STEM endorsement from the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Discover Your Degree Pathway

A Flexible Graduate Program That Meets Your Professional Development Needs

You know some classroom challenges can’t be solved by one disciplinary approach. Get the tools you need to work across STEM disciplines in a flexible course format that works around your schedule.

To meet the needs of full-time educators, we offer three different course paths on a rolling basis. Depending on your needs and schedule, enroll in a cohort with a hybrid format or take all your courses online.

Want to deepen your knowledge of STEM pedagogy? Apply your credits toward our Master of Science in STEM Education program to increase your employment opportunities and get on a path to permanent certification.

Apply for the Integrative STEM Endorsement from the Pennsylvania Department of Education

LVC is proud to be one of the first-ever colleges endorsed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education to offer graduate-level certificate work in Integrative STEM Education. 

After completing the Integrative STEM Education Certificate, candidates enrolled in an Instructional I certification program or holding an Instructional I or II certificates are eligible to apply for the Integrative STEM Endorsement from the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

What is Integrative STEM Education?

  • A standards-based approach to teaching STEM literacy in the classroom.
  • A pedagogical method that provides best practices for incorporating current STEM initiatives into K–12 curricula.
  • An interdisciplinary teaching method that prepares students for national and state assessments, as well as for real-world applications.
  • A technological and engineering design-based approach to teaching and learning practices.

Why Teach STEM Using Integrative Pedagogies?

  • Inspire and engage your K–12 students with real-world applications that prepare them for the 21st-century workplace.
  • Improve the STEM literacy of your students and help them achieve mastery on state and national assessments.
  • Develop exciting co-teaching opportunities with other teachers in your department.
  • Open the door to additional job and professional development opportunities.

What Makes the Integrative STEM Education Certificate at LVC Special?

  • Learn how to teach from our award-winning faculty, who serve as ambassadors for professional organizations like the National Science Teachers Association and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.
  • Gain a broader understanding of K–12 STEM pedagogy, from three-dimensional learning to real-world application.
  • Take courses online or in-person, so you can still work full-time.
  • Thrive as a student with small classes and personal advising that caters to your needs as a STEM educator.
  • Apply your Integrative STEM Education Certificate credits toward a Master's Degree in STEM Education.

PDE Integrative STEM Endorsement Eligibility:

Upon completion of MSE 880, 881, 882, and 883, candidates enrolled in an Instructional I certification program or holding an Instructional I or II certificates are eligible to apply for the PDE Integrative STEM Endorsement. Lebanon Valley College’s certification officer will recommend candidates for the endorsement. The candidate will need to complete the required PDE application for endorsement and pay the appropriate fee to have it added to their certificate.

Eligibility Information and Application:

  • Complete an online application
  • Submit official transcripts from each of the colleges and universities you have attended. Applicants must have a bachelor's degree or be enrolled in a bachelor's program.
  • All candidates must submit a current resume and personal written statement (one page) indicating the potential benefits of the program.

For more information on the College’s Integrative STEM Education Certificate program, please contact the Graduate STEM Education program at graduateadmission@lvc.edu.