Modern band

Modern Band Certificate

Develop a music curriculum that inspires and engages your students with popular music that they select. The coursework in LVC’s modern band certificate program emphasizes performance, composition, and improvisation as key teaching and learning tools for students of all ages.

Modern Band is for Everyone

The modern band curriculum is designed to engage all students in a K–12 setting. This pedagogy will turn your music classroom into an immersive, inclusive and student-centered learning environment.

This 12-credit graduate certificate is offered online, and culminates with a two-week summer residency focusing on putting into practice the modern band pedagogy through performance and teaching.

Stay Ahead of the Curve in Music Education

LVC was the innovator by offering the first graduate-level certificate in modern band. The modern band curriculum is cost effective for school districts to
implement, and it instantly enhances a teacher’s classroom practice.

Children in music class

Gain the knowledge and skills you need to grow as an educator.

Our Modern Band Certificate can be obtained as a stand-alone certificate or as part of Lebanon Valley College’s Master of Music Education or Master of Education programs.

All graduate education courses receive Pennsylvania Department of Education’s ACT 48 continuing education credits.

format with a two-week in-person summer residency
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What is Modern Band?
  • Modern Band teaches students to play, perform, improvise and compose using popular genres that the students themselves select.
  • It creates a new kind of music classroom.
  • Students are making music quickly.

Why teach modern band?

  • The modern band method complements existing classroom practices and is easy to incorporate into lesson plans.
  • Familiar music helps students learn how to play instruments quickly and hear their own progress.
  • Modern band is inclusive and reaches all students, instead of only those students who selectively join ensembles or take lessons.
  • Since it draws on popular music, modern band capitalizes on the music students already know and love to engage them in the process of learning and making music.
Admission Requirements

Applicants who possess a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited U.S. college or university will be considered for admission pending a review of the following requirements:

  • Complete an online application.
  • Upload or send your résumé and personal statement.
  • Provide official transcripts from your undergraduate college or university showing a recommended minimum college GPA of 3.00 (on a 4.0 scale).
    • Bachelor’s degree required to begin coursework.
    • Institutions outside of the United States must be recognized as a degree-granting institution in its home country. A course-by-course evaluation of all foreign university transcripts by an independent service based in the United States is required. World Education Services (WES) and SpanTran Evaluation Services are two suggested evaluators. Please have your official evaluation sent directly to Lebanon Valley College.

Application materials can be uploaded in the Graduate Application Portal, submitted to, or mailed to:

Graduate Admission
Lebanon Valley College
101 N. College Ave.
Annville, PA 17003

We strongly encourage you to complete your application at least two weeks before your desired start. If you are within two weeks of when you would like to begin the program, don’t hesitate to contact for assistance, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

New Approaches to Teaching Music

As a band director, I love incorporating aural and informal learning to instruments that are traditionally printed-music centered. I wish this method was around when I was a kid.
Dean Howey ’16