Graduate Scholarships, Awards, & Fellowships

Graduate Scholarships

Lebanon Valley College (LVC) is pleased to offer its alumni a scholarship for the Master of Business Administration, Master of Science in Intelligence & Security Studies, or Business Certificate programs. No scholarship application is required. We will verify your eligibility automatically when you apply for admission to an eligible graduate program.

Eligibility Guidelines and Information

  • The student’s degree and graduation year will be verified with the Registrar’s Office at the time of application.
  • This scholarship applies to alumni holding a bachelor, master, or doctoral degree from LVC in any discipline. No additional application is required for the tuition reduction. Other LVC degrees, certificates, or professional development programs are not eligible.
  • Qualifying graduate and certificate programs: MBA, Healthcare Management Certificate, Leadership & Ethics Certificate, Marketing Certificate, Project Management Certificate, Supply Chain Management & Logistics Certificate, and M.S. in Security & Intelligence Studies.
  • Applicants must meet program admission requirements and adhere to minimum admission criteria. See details per program.
  • The scholarship may not be used in combination with other LVC scholarships, discounts, waivers, or awards.
  • Students pursuing the Accounting/MBA (3+1) are not eligible.
  • The student must pay for all books and supplies associated with courses.

All new full-time graduate students admitted to the Master of Athletic Training program are eligible for up to $10,000 in scholarships during the fall and spring semesters.

The Master of Athletic Training (MAT) Scholarship does not apply to students in LVC’s Athletic Training 3+2 program.

Merit-based scholarships are available to eligible master’s degree candidates who demonstrate strong academic, personal, or professional achievements and apply to a qualifying program. Scholarship amounts vary and are offered during the admission process. For a list of eligible degree programs and scholarships, please inquire or apply for more information.

Merit scholarships do not apply to students in LVC’s 3+2, 3+1, doctor of physical therapy, master of athletic training, or master of speech-language pathology programs.

We are here to help you go further in your career and wish to recognize those who value The Valley, as we do. This $1,000 scholarship is available to students who enroll in an eligible LVC graduate program and meet one of the Valley Forward Scholarship Categories.

Eligible Programs

Enrollees in 12-credit certificate programs may be eligible for a $500 scholarship. Contact us now for more information about Valley Forward.

Valley Forward Scholarships Categories include Valley Alumni, Valley Parent Scholarship, Military Appreciation, and Friends and Neighbors of the Valley.

About the Valley Forward Scholarships

  • The Valley Forward Scholarships are applied as a discount per credit, based on the credit requirements per program. Students enrolled in eligible master’s programs will receive up to $1,000; students enrolled in eligible certificate programs will receive up to $500 scholarship. Students are eligible for only 1 Valley Forward Scholarship category.
  • Friends and Neighbors of the Valley Criteria: residents of Berks, Cumberland, Dauphin, Lancaster, Lebanon, Schuylkill, and York counties and those who have contributed to the Valley Forward mission.
  • Employees of organizations that are LVC preferred partners will receive the discounts and scholarships per the negotiated agreement. The Valley Forward Scholarship is only available if it represents the higher of the two discounts.
  • The Valley Forward Scholarship does not apply to students in LVC’s 3+2, 3+1, or direct-admit graduate programs (doctor of physical therapy, master of athletic training, master of speech-language pathology, and master of clinical mental health counseling).
  • Students whose employers/school districts are reimbursing 100% tuition costs are not eligible for the scholarship.
Graduate Assistantships

Clinical Exercise Physiology and Sport Performance GA Positions

LVC offers graduate assistantships in the fields of clinical exercise physiology and sport performance. Students selected for these competitive positions work directly with program faculty to gain valuable professional experience. Graduate Assistants work up to 20 hours per week and are paid hourly. Students must apply each semester. If interested in learning more, please visit Sport Performance Graduate Assistant or Clinical Exercise Physiology Graduate Assistant, or email After submitting their graduate program application, interested students can complete the GA application in the graduate admissions portal.

Graduate Assistant Lab Instructor

Newly accepted post-baccalaureate students in athletic training, clinical exercise physiology, applied kinesiology, and sport performance are eligible to apply for competitive Graduate Assistant Lab Instructor (GA Lab Instructor) positions. Students selected for these positions will be assigned instruction and lab room responsibilities for an undergraduate exercise science course on LVC’s campus. GA Lab Instructors work closely with the primary lecture course instructor for the course duration. The salary is $2,500 per undergraduate lab course. Learn more about the program and how to apply.

Graduate Fellowships

LVC is proud to offer graduate fellowships in the fields of applied kinesiology, and speech-language pathology. Recipients of the fellowship receive a tuition reduction while gaining professional experience related to the student’s career aspiration. Whether the interest area lies in research, teaching, or hands-on experience, LVC faculty will shape the fellowship to benefit the student’s goals. If interested in learning more, please visit M.S. in Applied Kinesiology or M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology, or email After submitting their graduate program application, interested students can complete the fellowship application in the graduate admissions portal.

Preferred Partner Tuition Discounts

LVC’s Office of Graduate & Professional Studies has partnered with numerous organizations to offer tuition discounts for select graduate programs. Please visit our GPS Preferred Partner Discounts page to view a list of current partners, eligibility requirements, and additional information. Other discounts and scholarships are not typically available to individuals receiving a preferred partnership discount.

Graduate Tuition & Billing

LVC is proud to offer deferred billing to students whose employers offer tuition remission. Tuition for graduate studies varies by program.