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Pre-Medical Professions

Careers in medicine and the health professions require careful academic planning with expert advisors. LVC's Pre-Medical Professions program offers intensely personal guidance matched with well-regarded academic preparation.

Our curriculum ensures your academic path will match your aspirations, preparing you to be an effective and compassionate healer.

Need-based departmental scholarships are available.

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Graduate and medical school requirements vary depending on the discipline you want to pursue. Our Pre-Medical Professions Committee will help you tailor a course of study specific to your academic and career goals. Many pre-health professions students choose to major in biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, or neuroscience, but you can customize your program to match your interests.

Healthcare, With Care

Hands-On Guidance

The Pre-Medical Professions Committee will monitor your academic progress, provide information on standardized exams and graduate programs, evaluate application materials, and conduct mock interviews. We’re here to help you do your best work, giving you the encouragement and advice you need to thrive.

Hands-On Experience

Our Neidig-Garber Science Center provides opportunities to do real research. You’ll go beyond textbook experiments, while working with instruments and techniques often available only at larger institutions. Many faculty turn to undergraduates for help conducting their own research.

(8 of 10) Class of 2023 Medical School Acceptance Rate (National Average = 42% [Class of 2022])
(3 of 3) Class of 2023 Dental School Acceptance Rate (National Average = 53.5% [American Dental Education Association])
(3 of 3) Class of 2023 Pharmacy School Acceptance Rate (National Average = 89% [March 2023])
(9 of 10) Class of 2023 Veterinary School Acceptance Rate (National Average = 10-15%)
(3 of 3) Class of 2023 Optometry School Acceptance Rate (National Average = 74%)
(5 of 8) LVC Five-year Physician Assistant Acceptance Rate (National Average = 31%)

In Their Words

LVC taught me time management, discipline, and focus. Its science programs are top-notch. I was so far ahead of many of my colleagues in veterinary school due to my collegiate studies.
Dr. Jared Pitt ’08, Veterinarian

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