Health lab

Pre-Medical Professions Committee

The Pre-Medical Professions Committee is currently composed of four faculty members—one each from the departments of biology, chemistry, physical therapy, and psychology.


The committee:

  • Meets all incoming pre-medical professions students in their freshman year to get to know them and to become informed about their intended vocational goals;
  • Collects and maintains information students will need to plan their four years of pre-professional study;
  • Periodically reviews the academic performance of students with pre-medical professional interests, advising those in trouble of alternative professions;
  • Provides information about standardized examinations (e.g., MCAT, DAT, GRE) the various professional school application services;
  • Writes a composite letter of reference for applicants, using input from faculty and outside evaluators; and,
  • Provides mock interviews to prepare students for actual professional school interviews.