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Pre-Medicine Concentration

Careers in medicine and the health professions require careful academic planning with expert advisors. LVC's Pre-Medicine Concentration offers intensely personal guidance matched with well-regarded academic preparation.

Our curriculum ensures your academic path will match your aspirations, preparing you to be an effective and compassionate healer.

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LVC’s Pre-medicine Concentration is for students who intend to pursue medical school with a bachelor’s degree in Biology, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Chemistry, or Neuroscience. The concentration is a precise sequence of courses that will help you meet the requirements for admission to medical school and thrive once you’re there.

Meet Medical School Admission Requirements

MCAT Preparation

The Pre-medicine Concentration covers all competencies for MCAT preparation. Medical schools want to see evidence of these competencies in your application materials.

Clinical and Research Experience

Our Pre-medicine program includes opportunities for clinical and research internships, independent research with faculty, and even study abroad experiences.

Being a Medical Professional

In our Professional Development for Medical Professionals course you’ll learn about personality traits, soft skills, academic skills, and other skills required by the profession to match your career goals best. You’ll explore medical disparities and issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion in medicine from practitioner and patient perspectives.

(8 of 10) Class of 2023 Medical School Acceptance Rate (National Average = 42% [Class of 2022])
(3 of 3) Class of 2023 Dental School Acceptance Rate (National Average = 53.5% [American Dental Education Association])
(3 of 3) Class of 2023 Pharmacy School Acceptance Rate (National Average = 89% [March 2023])
(9 of 10) Class of 2023 Veterinary School Acceptance Rate (National Average = 10-15%)
(3 of 3) Class of 2023 Optometry School Acceptance Rate (National Average = 74%)
(5 of 8) LVC Five-year Physician Assistant Acceptance Rate (National Average = 31%)
Pre-medical Professions Committee

Receive support from our faculty-led Pre-medical Professions Committee starting your first year if your goal is to become an M.D., D.O., dentist, veterinarian, physician’s assistant, pharmacist, optometrist, podiatrist, or physical therapist.

The faculty on this committee will:

  • Collect and maintain information about you to help you plan your four years of pre-professional study.
  • Periodically review your academic performance to help keep you on track or advise those in trouble of alternative paths.
  • Provide information about standardized examinations (e.g., MCAT, DAT, GRE) used by professional schools.
  • Write a composite letter of reference, using input from your faculty and outside evaluators.
  • Conduct a mock interview to prepare you for professional school interviews.

In Their Words

I heard about how great the science program and faculty are, and I was drawn to the small class sizes, which allowed more student-professor interactions that are extremely helpful when applying to medical school. The small lab sizes allowed for more hands-on work, which led to me getting to do the lab work. This, in turn, enabled me to understand and learn better through the lab exercises.
Kyra Valent, M.D., ’17, Family Medicine Resident, Reading Hospital Tower Health
In my first semester of graduate school, I have felt confident and well prepared by my LVC education. I am very thankful that LVC prepared me so well, particularly with the quantity and quality of the information being similar to what I am learning now.
Daelyn Stabler ’23, Student, University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine
At LVC, I balanced my classes, played tennis, and was a Resident Assistant. I was fortunate to take every class Dr. [Kristen] Boeshore taught and join her research group. These experiences helped shape me and ultimately led to my acceptance into my top medical school.
Dr. Elizabeth Drda ’19, Penn State Hershey College of Medicine, First-Year Pediatric Resident, University of Arizona-Tucson

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