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With LVC’s Bachelor of Science in Biology, you’ll make a lot of connections—between concepts and scientific disciplines, in research, and with career opportunities. Our comprehensive curriculum prepares you to master coursework in the classroom, get hands-on in the lab and field, and develop skills in critical thinking, collaboration, presentation, and analysis.

As a biology student, you can specialize your studies through our related programs in areas like biochemistry and neuroscience. If you’re planning on a career in medical professions, our faculty-led Pre-Medical Professions Committee provides personalized guidance.

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You’ll get to learn from, and conduct research with, our award-winning faculty. As you pursue your biology degree, we encourage interdisciplinary study and research to strengthen your scientific training. We also offer need-based Departmental Scholarships—check out our Scholarships and Grants page for more details.

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Research First

Get a Head Start as a Scientist

Every year, a select number of incoming LVC first-year students are accepted into Research First, an immersive summer program where you’ll work with faculty-led research teams. You’ll learn new laboratory techniques and get to know LVC students and faculty before beginning your college journey!

Fantastic Field Sites

Explore ecosystems, vegetation, and animal life in our on-campus greenhouses and field sites, transforming ponds, wetlands, creeks, and woods into your living classroom.

of LVC biology majors go on to graduate or professional education
acceptance rate for (8 of 10) Class of 2023 Medical School Acceptance Rate (National Average = 42% [Class of 2022])dentistry, Pharm D, optometry, and OT programs
(3 of 3) Class of 2023 Dental School Acceptance Rate (National Average = 53.5% [American Dental Education Association])
(3 of 3) Class of 2023 Pharmacy School Acceptance Rate (National Average = 89% [March 2023])
(9 of 10) Class of 2023 Veterinary School Acceptance Rate (National Average = 10-15%)
(3 of 3) Class of 2023 Optometry School Acceptance Rate (National Average = 74%)
(5 of 8) LVC Five-year Physician Assistant Acceptance Rate (National Average = 31%)

In Their Words

I chose LVC due to the outstanding science program and the faculty who help students succeed in the workforce. If you put in the required work, your outcomes can be extraordinary.
Nick Huff ’26, Biology Major
From my first semester of graduate school, I felt confident and well prepared by my LVC education. I am very thankful that LVC prepared me so well, particularly with the quantity and quality of the information being very similar to what I am learning now.
Daelyn Stabler ’23, Student, University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine
We have a beautiful campus and wonderful facilities, but the thing I like best about LVC is the people. There is nothing like getting to know the students and seeing them discover their passions.
Dr. Stacy Goodman, chair and professor of biology

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