Dr. Douglas Becker

Douglas Becker

Associate Professor of Biology

Email: dbecker@lvc.edu

Phone: 717-867-6478

Office Location: Neidig-Garber 123

B.S., Moravian College; M.S., The Pennsylvania State University; Ph.D., West Virginia University

Environmental Science, Ecology, Biostatistics

I am a wildlife ecologist studying the effects of human activities on biological communities. My past research primarily focused on effects within bird communities. My current projects include:

  • the effects of deer, invasive plant species, and canopy gaps on oak regeneration
  • the advantages of native plant gardens
  • the effects of the introduced spotted lanternfly on the forest insect community

Becker D. 2023. Placed-based learning in applied undergraduate forest ecology labs. The American Biology Teacher 85(4): 225-227.

Becker, D., P.B. Wood, M. Strager, and C. Mazzarella. 2015. Impacts of mountaintop mining on terrestrial ecosystem integrity: identifying landscape thresholds for avian species in the central Appalachians, United States. Landscape Ecology 30: 339-356.

Wood, P., M. Frantz, and D.A. Becker. 2016. Louisiana waterthrush and benthic macroinvertebrate response to shale gas development. Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management 7: 423-433.

Becker, D., P.B. Wood, and P.D. Keyser. 2012. Canada Warbler use of harvested stands following timber management in the southern portion of their range. Journal of Forest Ecology and Management 276: 1-9.

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  • ENVI 101 Introduction to Environmental Studies
  • Bio 112 General Biology II
  • BIO 314 Wildlife Ecology and Management
  • BIO 313 Forest Ecology and Management
  • BIO 214 Biological Research Methods, Design, and Statistics