Putting Art Skills to Work

Shelby Lister smiles at someone off camera

Shelby Lister ’23 has been an artist all his life, but he never believed a career in fine art was for him. He spent his first two years as an environmental science major at another institution before transferring to LVC for Digital Communications.

The digiCOM major allowed him to put his art skills to work.

“The classes allowed me to make cool creations while also giving them practical uses instead of just decorating a wall,” said Lister.

Some of Lister’s favorite classes at LVC included Illustration and Principles of Design, which he said gave him skills he uses all the time. He also enjoyed the required portfolio project.

“Being able to make a website that represents me and showcases what I have to offer was an awesome experience, and it made me fall in love with coding,” he said. “I made a really weird and complicated portfolio with a lot of bright colors and some cool usability principles. I wanted to stand out, and it worked—I passed with distinction.”

Internships play a large role in Digital Communications, and Lister completed a couple during his time as an LVC student.

He worked as a production intern at WITF, Pennsylvania’s largest public media organization based in Harrisburg. There, he shot and edited videos and ran the teleprompter. Lister also worked as a design intern at Yellow Breeches Educational Center, an alternative education school where he interacted with students and represented them in advertisements he created.

Lister now works full-time as a graphic designer for Ollie’s Bargain Outlet in Harrisburg. He looks forward to growing in the role.

“There are 495 stores in 29 states, and all of the design work is done by four people—myself included,” Lister said. “It’s a big responsibility. I like the environment a lot.”

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