LVC Concert Choir Invited to Perform in Providence

LVC Concert Choir group photo

Valley Choir was selected from choirs throughout the Northeast.

The 51-member LVC Concert Choir was selected to perform at the American Choral Director’s Association Eastern Regional Conference in Providence, RI, on February 29. It is the first time LVC’s choir was so honored by selection among the region that includes colleges and universities in Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington, D.C. Dr. Kyle Zeuch, LVC Director of Choral Activities and Co-chair of Music, directs the choir. Rodney Barnett ’08 is the accompanist.

The LVC Concert Choir will present a 30-minute performance for choir directors at the historic Grace Episcopal Church in Providence. The singers were selected as one of 15 choirs to perform after a comprehensive application process that required three years of audio recordings, concert programs, a diversity statement, and a proposed performance program. They were selected via a peer-reviewed blind audition.

“It is an honor for our Concert Choir to be selected to perform from among the best college and university choirs in 11 states and Washington, D.C.,” said Dr. Kyle Zeuch. “Our selection reflects our amazing students’ hard work, dedication, and talent. This opportunity enhances the regional and global impact of our Music Program.”


About the LVC Concert Choir

The Lebanon Valley Concert Choir studies and presents high-quality choral music through campus concerts and a spring tour. Auditions are open to students in every major.


2024 LVC Concert Choir Roster 

Dr. Kyle Zeuch, conductor
Rodney Barnett ’08, accompanist

Soprano 1—Morgan Carothers ’24, Elspeth Hunter ’27, Cheyenne Lehman ’25, Lacey Shirk ’26,
Ava Sinisko ’26, Hailey Trump ’25

Soprano 2—Marina Biltcliff ’26, Kayla Brown ’26, Meg Burns ’25, Olivia Coffey ’27,
Nicole Gross ’24, Lindsey Mousch ’24, Melissa West ’25

Alto 1—Rachel Alexander ’27, Meg Benson ’26, Ainsley Buia ’25, Victoria Fredericksen ’25, Brooke Lehrman ’26, Hailey Pavlik ’25, Madalyn Rissler ’26, Bridget Wallace ’25

Alto 2—Tatiana Gonzales ’25, Samantha Fila ’25, Madelyn Rader ’24, Elizabeth Readdy ’24,
Ollie Silver ’26, Lucey Walton  ’25, Jacqueline Wilson ’24

Tenor 1—Gillian Cheezum ’25, J.D. Kauffman ’27, Chad Moody ’24, Jacob Pegher ’25, Miguel Santiago ’24, Emily Saporita  ’25

Tenor 2—Anthony Dietz ’27, Brycen Geiger ’25, A.J. Frownfelter ’25, Jacob Nguyen ’25, Carter Palmer ’26,
Elliot Tucker ’27, Ethan Tucker ’24, Adam Witmer ’27

Bass 1—Tim Cortes ’24, Ethan Draper ’26, Zach Krouse ’26, Andrew Santoro ’24,
Collin Snyder ’25

Bass 2—Xavier Bates ’26, Reinhold Louis ’25, J. Joseph Polhill ’24, John Wernega ’26

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