Lebanon Valley College Launches Graduate Autism Certificate 

Students walk on campus with spring trees in bloom

Lebanon Valley College announced a new Graduate Autism Certificate to benefit students in the College’s Education, Master of Education, and Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) programs. Educators can pursue the certificate standalone or as part of their LVC Master of Education.

The Graduate Autism Certificate Program is designed to accommodate educators’ busy schedules. It is 100% online, with accelerated, seven-week terms and new cohorts starting throughout the year, providing flexibility for those with other professional or personal commitments.

A collaboration between LVC’s Education and Speech-Language Pathology departments, the certificate focuses on neurodiversity.

Dr. Jen Kanupka, Chair and Associate Professor of Education and Director of Special Education, who developed the curriculum for the new Autism Certificate with colleague Dr. Susan Weiss, Assistant Professor of Education, agrees:

“Our program is unique in that it can serve educators from all backgrounds interested in supporting students with autism,” said Kanupka. “While developing skills to use in the classroom and school community, students will learn how neurodiversity can be celebrated and respected.”

Neurodiversity acknowledges the varied ways in which individuals interpret information, absorb knowledge, and respond to situations, especially in learning environments. Embracing these differences, including within the autism spectrum disorder (ASD) community, fosters greater understanding and enhances educational effectiveness.

The Autism Certificate will provide education professionals with specialized knowledge and skills related to assessment, intervention, instruction, and program management for students with ASD. The certificate is designed on the Autism Program Guidelines from the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE). The program is in the process of applying for PDE Endorsement approval.

If you’re interested in LVC’s Graduate Autism Certificate, you can apply to start with the next cohorts beginning on August 26 or October 21.

Please contact Dr. Jen Kanupka, Chair and Associate Professor of Education and Director of Special Education, at kanupka@lvc.edu or Dr. Susan Weiss, Assistant Professor of Education, at weiss@lvc.edu if you have questions about LVC’s new Graduate Autism Certificate.

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