Jack of All Treys: English Alum Now Company CFO

Trey Little with family

Trey Little ’09 is what people would call a jack of all trades. From English to math, business, and even football, Little can do it all.

Starting as an actuarial mathematics major at a different school, Little spent his first two years of college discovering his interests and what he wanted to pursue as a career. He transferred to LVC for his junior year for two reasons: Jim Monos, now retired head coach of LVC’s team and a mentor to Little, and the College’s actuarial science reputation.

“I changed my major three times, lettered for two different football programs at two different positions, and graduated with an English Literature degree despite spending two and a half years as an actuarial student,” Little said. “It really did work out in the end, and even though the transitions presented challenges, I loved my time at LVC.”

Having so many interests and skills, Little took advantage of all that LVC had to offer. From writing and reading whenever he could, to taking classes outside of his major, he made it a priority to be well rounded in as many fields as possible.

“I have to credit the comprehensive education I received at LVC for much of my success and specifically the amazing professors in the English Department,” Little said. “Anyone gifted in math can crunch numbers, but in business, it is important to be able to describe what those numbers mean. LVC’s educational style is excellent for teaching people how to communicate effectively.”

After graduating from LVC, Little worked part-time at a manufacturing construction company while working on his master’s degree in English. He then accepted a full-time position in accounts payable and was eventually promoted to Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in 2015.

A year after his promotion, Little was recruited to work at Medtrition as a business manager and was again promoted to CFO the following year. Some of his daily tasks include overseeing the administrative, financial, and operations teams, and leading the budgeting, reporting, and systems administration efforts across all departments.

“I love that we get to sell products that can literally change people’s lives from a nutritional and quality of life perspective,” said Little. “Now that Medtrition sells on Amazon.com, we get to see a lot of great reviews directly from the product users, and it is amazing to see the positive impact that we are making.”

Reflecting on his experience, Little realizes his career could have taken a lot of different paths. “I believe this is because I have always been good at many different things, which has served me well in the business world. To lead an organization, you must be versatile and able to handle opportunities and threats coming from all directions. Ultimately, I believe this is my gift, to lead people and companies forward, help them realize their full potential, and help individuals excel in their positions.”


Parker Gallagher, Marketing & Communications Student Assistant

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