Actuarial science major Adam Petersen at Mercer internship

Actuarial Science

How much money should an insurance company charge a safe driver for coverage? Can a manufacturer reduce the chance a new location will be affected by climate change? Is a trendy new product likely to take off or fall flat? LVC’s Actuarial Science program will give you the mathematical and financial tools to answer questions key to running a successful business.

For students who qualify, need-based departmental scholarships are available.

Learn More About Actuarial Science

In this major, you’ll gain technical expertise in mathematics, probability, statistics, economics, finance, and computer programming. You’ll also become skilled in speaking, writing, critical thinking, and cultural competency, paving your way to leadership. Our summer camp for rising high school seniors is perfect to find out if this career track is a good fit for you.

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Set Up for Success

Experience to Build on

Our majors land paid summer internships in the actuarial industry, and many complete two or more. Local and national companies visit campus to recruit students—including many of the 100 firms that employ our graduates.

Actuarial Science Exam Readiness

Actuaries are credentialed through a series of exams offered by two professional bodies. Our curriculum covers nearly all the content required by both.

median number of certification exams our students pass before graduation
of juniors in program secure paid internships
firms employ LVC alums

In Their Words

My favorite thing about the Act Sci program at LVC is the professors. They are extremely knowledgeable about the field and care greatly for their students, wanting what is best for them.
Autumn Greiner ’23, Actuarial Science
Median salary, actuaries, 2021
I expected to graduate with a job because of the Act Sci program’s track record, but getting an offer going into senior year took away a lot of stress. It allowed me to really enjoy my final year at LVC.
Abbey Barnhart ’18, Actuarial Analyst at The Hartford
Projected growth for actuaries, 2020-30
We prepare students to learn independently, think critically, solve complex problems, and communicate technical content to wide audiences. This makes our students stand out when applying for jobs.
Dr. Patrick Brewer, Director of Actuarial Science, Associate Professor of Mathematical Sciences

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