2023 Grad Says “Get Out and Get Involved”

Political science graduate Matthew Davis poses with Dr. Philip Benesch

Matthew Davis ’23 arrived at LVC with a non-traditional philosophy.

“My academics were the top priority, but not the most important. My priority needed to be class and assignments to earn good grades and learn from my professors, but the most important aspect of college was the social development,” said Davis.

Davis applied this belief across his four years at The Valley, where he built leadership skills through Student Government and a fraternity, nurtured younger students as a First-Year Mentor, and enjoyed life as an LVC Ski and Board Club member. He also double majored in history and political science, which led to his role as communications coordinator for the Republican caucus of Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives.

“My biggest takeaway is that you can do anything you put your mind to. Throwing oneself into as much as possible, failing, learning, growing, is one of the best things someone can do as an undergraduate,” he said. “Everything I have learned, from raw leadership to blending personal interests and inspiring action, are all skills that I can not only apply in future careers but use in interviews as tangible evidence supporting my experience.”

As a member of LVC’s Tau Kappa Epsilon chapter, Davis is proudest of the group’s philanthropic efforts for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. When he became president as a junior, Davis organized a 22-mile hike from Annville to the State Capitol in Harrisburg and raised more than $2,500. TKE more than doubled that total with the same hike the following year.

“When I met the brothers at a recruitment event, I could instantly tell this was a group of men who cared for each other and wanted to do some great things,” said Davis, whose father [Brian ’95] is also an LVC and TKE alumnus. “After that night, I spent as much time with the brothers of TKE as I could and haven’t looked back with any regrets.”

Davis later was selected to attend the Charles R. Walgreen TKE Leadership Academy and serve as secretary of TKE’s national Collegiate Advisory Council.

Back on campus, Davis also held the leadership position of vice president of student affairs on the Student Government Executive Board after participating as a class officer the previous years. He learned about LVC and its processes, made lifelong friends, and organized major campus events, including Homecoming, Dutchmen Day, and Winter Formal.

“Being in Student Government was one of the greatest decisions of my life. I had wanted to do it in high school but never had the confidence to do it. I wanted to use college as a reset button and go out and do as much as possible, forcing myself to be uncomfortable and learn and grow from that un-comfortability,” said Davis.

“I certainly have many ambitions in life, and LVC, as well as TKE, have made those ambitions obtainable.”

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