Student Government

Student Government

Your Voice Matters

One of Student Government’s major responsibilities is to foster understanding, communication, and cooperation among students, faculty, and administrators. It serves as a channel for student recommendations for establishing or changing policy and communicates these recommendations to the appropriate administrative offices or faculty committees.

Student Government is composed of 36 full-time students. Twenty-seven upper-class students are elected from the student body each spring for a one-year term beginning in September. This includes four class officers, four class representatives, and a commuter representative from each returning class. In addition, nine first-year students are elected in September. Students must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher to be eligible for election.

Each spring the budget finance committee conducts hearings for the allocation of funds from the student activities fee to approved clubs and organizations. The committee makes its allocation recommendations to Student Government for approval. All clubs and organizations receiving funds must submit a financial statement to Student Government each semester.

With the director of student engagement, Student Government coordinates and provides financing for student activities. They also plan major campus-wide events including Homecoming and Winter Formal.

Student Resources

LVC students can learn about Student Government Nominations and Probationary Club Review in MyLVC.

Class Representatives

Executive Board 2022–23:

President: Stephen Coleman
Vice-President for Student Affairs: Matthew Davis
Vice-President for Academic Affairs: Reinhold Louis
Treasurer: Zachary Snider
Secretary: Emily Reaman
Communications: Nevaeh Puryear

Class of 2023:

President: Stephen Coleman
Vice-President: Zachary Snider
Treasurer: Matt Davis
Secretary: Emma Turin
Representatives: Bella Calderone
Ghada Mostafa
Adam Petersen
Commuter Rep: Madeline Grisbacher
Equity Rep:

Class of 2024:

President: Nevaeh Puryear
Vice-President: Emily Reaman
Treasurer: Jackson Klingaman
Secretary: Taylor Mazanek
Representatives: Wyatt Morrison
Tory Hall
Brittnie Breece
Commuter Rep: Deklan Shaughnessy
Equity Rep: Sydney Lelit

Class of 2025:

President: Reinhold Louis
Vice-President: Tabitha Gilbert
Treasurer: Kylie Coy
Secretary: Valerie Bildheiser
Representatives: Ainsley Buia
Kaitlyn Roth
Trey McAuliffe
Commuter Rep: Heather Reigle
Equity Rep: Madison Ayers


Class of 2026:

President: Roman Schelhorn
Vice-President: Caroleena Orta
Treasurer: Marina Biltcliff
Secretary: Ashley Kimble
Representatives: Akbar Aminov
Caleb Sikalis
Coyla Bartholomew
Commuter Rep: Emma Mitchell
Equity Rep: Sierra Kapcsos