LVC students celebrate Hindu festival of Holi

Diversity, Inclusion, and Cultural Organizations

Asian Culture Club

The Asian Culture Club is a student organization whose purpose is to promote Asian culture from a national and global perspective. Every year, the organization sponsors a series of films, events, dances, music, food, and other campus activities.


Black Student Union

The BSU recognizes the many aspects of college that influence Black students’ lives and aims to create a social atmosphere that is accepting of all views. BSU’s goal is to create a united community. Additionally, the Black Student Union prides itself on building an inclusive environment for ALL students to become active members and participants.


Freedom Rings

Freedom Rings is the student organization committed to fostering understanding about issues affecting the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individual. Membership is open to all people committed to this mission, including heterosexual allies.


Global Education Club

This is a group of students dedicated to increasing curiosity and awareness about the world. The group consists of international, study abroad, and internationally-experienced students, or those who are just interested in learning more. The club meets bi-weekly and helps to organize Global Coffee Hours, International Education Week, Moon Festivals, Lunar New Year, the International Food Festival, and more! Please join the group at its next Global Coffee Hour for coffee, culture, and conversation.


Latin Hispanic Alliance

Latin Hispanic Alliance’s purpose is to raise awareness about historical, political, social, economic, and educational issues concerning the Latino and Hispanic populations in the United States. The organization sponsors a variety of events including Noche Caribena, in addition to workshops and events during Hispanic Heritage Celebration.

Student Sitting

A Slice of Another World! – Ethan Tirado

Ethan shares personal family stories about his Dominican heritage and how that culture shaped him into who he is today.