Finance Internship Confirms Career Path for Triple Major

Roman Schelhorn poses for a professional photo in the LVC Peace Garden

Roman Schelhorn ’26 is a triple threat on LVC’s campus. Majoring in Finance, Economics, and Accounting, Schelhorn is determined to set himself up for success in corporate finance.

The first step toward his overarching goal was pinpointing an internship that could get his foot in the door—something that proved more challenging than Schelhorn anticipated.

That was until Professor Lindsey Porter, Assistant Professor of Accounting, recommended that Schelhorn connect with a student representative who served on LVC’s Board of Trustees with Joseph Rilatt ’91, executive vice president, director of commercial product sales, at Fulton Bank.

Schelhorn set up an informational meeting with Rilatt, who guided him on what intern positions may be a good fit for him at Fulton. Two interview rounds later, Schelhorn landed the role.

With the internship secured, Schelhorn knew he would need additional funds to make things possible. He applied for and received the DiMatteo-Holsinger Scholarship Fund, which would significantly lessen the burden of living expenses.

“I knew I wanted to move into an apartment because it was a 50-minute commute one way,” he said. “I could pay for the apartment with my internship, but I couldn’t afford it without support. With the DiMatteo-Holsinger Fund, I rented an apartment directly across from the bank, and the rest of the money I put toward food and other expenses.”

Schelhorn worked in cash management with Fulton Bank’s Treasury Department. His primary role was making employee manuals to ensure consistency across the department.

“My goal was to essentially sit down with the employees, interview them, and have them teach me how to set someone up with a financial product,” he said. “After that, I would sit down and write a manual for one way that all new or current employees would follow and refer to.”

On top of his daily responsibilities, Schelhorn attended meetings and lunches with several Fulton Bank executives, chances to learn more and make connections.
It was in these meetings with executives that corporate finance caught Schelhorn’s attention.

“Two of the executives were investment bankers,” he said. “That’s how I was introduced to corporate finance. Then, I started looking up these roles, essentially going down a massive rabbit hole, and I ended up taking courses online and buying textbooks.”

Despite the busy schedule that balancing triple majors brings about, Schelhorn still makes time for necessary ongoing learning outside the classroom so he can achieve his career goals.

“This internship made me realize what hard skills I need to develop to succeed.”

With a newly developed path toward his future, Schelhorn is prepared to begin his search for another internship, getting him one step closer to his post-graduation goals.


Meredith Haas, Marketing & Communications Student Assistant

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