About Global Studies at LVC

The forces shaping our world are intertwined and complex. Political systems, trade, laws, cultures, religious beliefs, ecosystems, and economies all interact to define how we live. Through LVC's Global Studies major, you'll become skilled in addressing these issues through education in contemporary global politics, economics, world history, and society through a foreign language, internships, and study abroad opportunities. You'll also have opportunities to do research and present at conferences with your faculty, including Dr. Chris Dolan, professor of political science, a 2020 Fulbright Scholar to Kosovo.

You'll gain skills that employers seek, preparing you for whatever career path you choose, including possibly a Pickering Foreign Affairs Fellow like one of our 2017 program graduates. These skills include the ability to think and communicate clearly, find information, and analyze ideas and evidence. Our alumni have earned jobs in diverse fields including education, law, business, journalism, and policy analysis.

Why Global Studies at LVC?

  • Prepare for a career in foreign policy, international economics, global education, non-governmental organizations, inter-governmental organizations, academia, law, journalism, and social advocacy, as well as for graduate and law school.
  • Learn to synthesize global concepts; engage with global institutions, processes, and cultures; develop and express ideas; analyze texts, information, and concepts; and gain greater information literacy.
  • Engage in cosmopolitan global thinking, transcend borders, and recognize global-area connections.
  • Job prospects for global studies majors include foreign affairs analyst, foreign service officer, international student director, study abroad coordinator, diplomat, international development program analyst/activist, human rights activist, international lawyer, translator, global trade specialist, social media coordinator, immigration/customs analyst/officer, Peace Corps worker, public health analyst, sustainable development researcher, and journalist.

I felt comfortable during my campus visit because The Valley Ambassador emphasized the sense of community at LVC. I knew I wanted a great academic experience, and the department has fantastic faculty.

Policy Analyst, Advanced Energy Economy, Washington, D.C.

Dylan Reed ’13