Kalo Creative

A Student-Operated Ad Agency

Lebanon Valley College’s Kalo Creative is a student-operated ad agency founded in 2014 that actively engages students with local nonprofits. The one-credit course provides pro bono marketing and communications services to community organizations, offering students practical experience in project management and client relations and area nonprofits marketing help.

The course linked to Kalo Creative, DCOM 301 Ad Agency, is open to students from all academic backgrounds and has students assume agency roles, cultivating leadership and collaborative skills through hands-on management of real projects for real clients. In the class, students provide local nonprofits with an array of services such as graphic design, videography, user experience, branding, and web development.

Jeff Ritchie, Chair and Professor of the Design, Media, and Technology Department, oversees the program, connecting students with regional nonprofits that benefit from the students’ developing expertise. This relationship not only provides area nonprofits with valuable services but also gives students a venue for experiential learning that is directly linked to their academic and professional goals.

DCOM-301 aims to enhance the educational journey for students, while also preparing them for the workforce, especially in advertising, PR, marketing, communications and the creative services sectors. The course includes practical client interaction and project pitching, reflecting Lebanon Valley College’s dedication to career-preparedness.

The course is available to all students with instructor permission and satisfies the “Immersive Experience” general education requirement. The course can be taken multiple times for credit to engage with new clients and challenges.


Kalo Creative Client Application

The faculty of the design, media, & technology department at Lebanon Valley College will review by January 15, 2024, requests for pro bono work and, at its sole discretion, choose those projects which best fit the needs and timeframe of the class. THE NONPROFIT would have a non-exclusive royalty free use of any work that the students propose.

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