Emerging Media Lab

The Design, Media & Technology department (DMT) has created the Emerging Media Lab (EML) to provide LVC students with an understanding of and exposure to disruptive technologies, allow them to assess the strengths and weaknesses of these technologies, and aid in developing design strategies for them.

The lab embodies the testing of ideas, behaviors, and actions that students encounter while using emerging media, and encourages them to explore the technologies that have the potential to change the landscape of the field.

Classes devoted to emerging media, such as augmented reality and emerging media design, will be offered every spring. Students in existing Digital Media or Interaction Design classes can also encounter emerging media in assignments or case studies.

The emerging media lab has recently been equipped with Augmented Reality (three HoloLens 2 headsets), Virtual/Mixed Reality headsets (10 Meta Quest 2 and four early Oculus Rift headsets), touch screens, and projection mapping. Students will have the opportunity to use this equipment in the coming semesters. In addition, the department looks to explore other emerging media such as spatial projection, eye tracking, voice recognition, and more.

The Emerging Media Lab is made possible by donors and alumni.