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The Brave Zone Network trains LVC students, faculty, and staff with the goal of creating an on-campus network of allies and members of the LGBT+ community.

The program educates members regarding how to address issues involving the community and how to advocate for peers, family members, and other acquaintances. A large portion of Brave Zone training focuses on education. Trainees are immersed in situations that members of the LGBT+ community often encounter so they will be able to understand the oppression the community experiences.

Training covers topics such as:

  • inclusive language
  • pronoun usage and why it’s important
  • understanding gender identity and gender expression
  • sexual attraction versus sexual orientation
  • romantic attraction

There are currently 150 members involved with the program, including students, staff, and faculty. Members can be recognized on campus by a door decal on their dorm, house, or office door.

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Brave Zone 101

Come learn how to create and maintain LGBTQ+ inclusive spaces, a basic model for understanding diverse identities and expressions, and get a chance to ask questions and access additional resources.

This session is open to all LVC community members!

Stay tuned for upcoming trainings.

Join the Brave Zone Network

Brave Zone trainings are held several times each semester. Please contact for additional information regarding the program and how to get involved.