Parking FAQs

When are parking regulations in effect?

Parking regulations are enforced 24 hours per day; seven days a week.

Must a visitor register their vehicle?

Yes, there is no cost, simply stop by the Public Safety Office and register and they will be assigned an area in which to park.

Where shall I park my vehicle?

Students are assigned parking lots. You must park in these designated areas.

Resident students (upper class): Red Parking Lots

Freshman students: Gold Parking Lots

Derickson students: Blue Parking Lot and designated area on Silver Lot at Route 934 and Sheridan Ave.

Commuter students: Green Parking Lot and other designated areas on campus

Staff: Silver Parking Lots

Must I register my vehicle?

All resident students, full-time commuters, and part-time students must register their vehicle annually. Staff register upon employment.

What date must my vehicle be registered by?

September 1, each year.

May I appeal my citation?

Yes. All appeals must be filed within two business days or result of appeal will be denied. Appeal forms are available in the Public Safety Office. There must be reasonable justification for appeal. Unfamiliarity or mistake of LVC parking regulations is not justification for an appeal.

Where is the Public Safety Office?

148 N. College Ave.

How much is the registration fee?

Registration fees:

Resident students: $35 per year; $20 per semester

Commuter, part-time, and off-campus students: $25.00 per year $15.00 per semester

Where should I display my LVC parking decal?

All vehicles parked on campus must display a valid LVC parking decal on the driver's side inside rear window.

Who is responsible for a vehicle violation?

The registered owner or driver. All fines must be paid within 10 business days in the Business Office. All unpaid fines or fees will be applied to the violator's or registrant's personal account and can be issued on a citizen.

How many violations can I receive before my vehicle is booted or towed?

Receipt of a third parking violation for any reason is subject to review and possible loss of parking privileges and your vehicle being towed or booted.

If my vehicle is booted or towed what do I do?

Contact the Public Safety Office at ext. 6111.

How much are vehicle fines?

  • 1st non-registration offense: $50
  • 2nd non-registration offense: $100
  • 3rd non-registration offense: $150

Removal of boot fee is $150.00. All costs relating to towing and storage of the vehicle are the responsibility of the operator/owner of the vehicle.

How often can a parking citation be issued?

A citation may be issued every twenty-four hours for the same offense.

Must I register my vehicle if I am living off campus in a non-campus apartment or house?

Yes! ALL students must register their vehicle with campus Public Safety.