The Heart of Healthcare

Growing up, Kara Strack ’17 admired the nurses who took care of her late grandfather, who was consistently in and out of hospitals due to health conditions. The nurses always made sure that his stay in the hospital was as enjoyable as it could be. Inspired by their ability to bring light to someone going through their darkest times, Strack made it her goal to become that person for someone else.

“My grandpa passed during my first week of nursing school, and to this day, I still dedicate my nursing degree and practice to him,” said Strack. “My grandpa has always been a huge influence in my life, and I want to care for other family members the same way they took care of my grandpa.”

Strack, who earned a biology degree at LVC, started her nursing career in July 2019 as a nursing aide in a nursing home. After a few months, Strack moved to the University of Maryland Baltimore Washington Medical Center as a nurse on a medical-surgical floor. She recently switched over to work on a step-down unit floor to elevate her level of care for sicker patients.

She looks forward to meeting and caring for new patients every day and enjoys the different perspectives everyone brings into her life. Strack specifically maintains a strong passion for her elderly patients because of her late grandpa and relishes the wisdom and stories they share.

“I have laughed with patients and cried with patients,” reflects Strack. “I’m not sure if there is any other profession in the world that offers the same versatility as nursing. You experience the highs and lows of someone else’s life and ultimately assume that responsibility for a while. It’s truly magical.”

Strack’s ability to remain strong and succeed through her nursing journey roots back to her time at LVC where she built foundational life and career skills. As a student-athlete, campus employee, and active member in several clubs, Strack learned important skills such as time management, communication, and discipline.

“Practicing the skills required for nursing care and providing medical services and demanding the same standard of care from yourself for every patient requires discipline and dedication, just as I learned through my time at LVC,” said Strack.

For those interested in entering the nursing field, Strack encourages everyone wholeheartedly to pursue their dreams. A great way to further explore nursing is to shadow a nurse. Through shadowing, students can gain hands-on experience, learn basic nursing skills, and have an overall immersive experience talking to and interacting with patients and nurses.

Strack strives to continue providing excellent care for her patients regardless of the hardships at hand and advocates for those in the younger generation to pursue their nursing dreams.

“Some days, you will question your worth and impact. You will cry and feel so overwhelmed with the lives that are in your hands,” recalled Strack. “But you can always remind yourself that you are the light in their darkest hour, and those special patients will remind you as well.”


Parker Gallagher, Marketing & Communications Student Assistant

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