MBA Degree Leads to New Career Opportunity

Jaime Kauffman stands outside of Eurofins

Big decisions can often lead to big successes. For Jaime (Floyd) Kauffman ’08, M’23, the decision to return to LVC for a master’s in business administration degree and a certificate in project management has opened the door to new career opportunities.

After nearly 13 years at her previous company, Kauffman began a new position in October as a senior project manager for Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories, Inc. She leads meetings, manages on-site visits, processes documentation and files related to projects, and resolves any issues that arise.

“Some projects are a once-and-done, while others can last months or years,” she said. “It is important to have good time management and be very organized.”

“Everything I learned in my courses comes up time and time again,” said Kauffman. “We work with Microsoft Project and other similar systems. I now appreciate the coursework spent on understanding scope, time, and budget, as those three elements are the driving forces to all projects that come across my desk.”

Kauffman also cited Executive Communications and Organizational Behavior as two additional courses that provided critical experience.

“Coming back to LVC for the MBA made sense as it was a familiar place,” she said. “It also helped that I saw the LVC billboard every time I was on the PA Turnpike between both Harrisburg exits. Like a ‘sign’ that I needed to go back.”

Kauffman began her MBA journey in 2019 and will finish that degree in the Fall of 2023. She earned her certificate in project management in spring 2022.

“I decided early on not to overload myself,” said Kauffman, who earned a bachelor of science in digital communications with minors in art & art history as well as business administration.

Kauffman enrolled in one class during the summer or winter sessions to leave space open during the fall and spring for family time as a wife and mother. She also took advantage of tuition reimbursement through her employer to not strain her budget.

Along with the skills needed for new career opportunities, Kauffman also learned some valuable tips for others considering their MBA.

“Do it as soon as possible. Waiting 11 years to come back to LVC should have been cut down to maybe five years or less,” she said. “Second, be sure you have a strong support system and the ability to make time for classes, readings, and assignments. My husband has been my biggest supporter. Many times, I wanted to give up or broke down in tears because I was up against a deadline and did not think I could do it all.”

“My dad [Michael] was another great supporter, as he understood what it was like to try to have that work/school/life balance. He earned his bachelor’s degree from LVC in 2002. He is a wonderful example that, even later in life, it is never too late to go back to school.”

Angelica Fraine ’23, Marketing & Communications Student Intern

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