Lebanon Valley College Professor Awarded Fulbright

Third LVC Professor to be selected a Fulbright Scholar in past six years.  

Dr. Terrence A. Alladin, Lebanon Valley College Associate Professor of Criminal Justice, was selected for a Fulbright U.S. Scholar award to Belize in the academic year 2024–2025. The Fulbright grant “is a reflection of your leadership and contribution to society,” noted Donna Brazile, chair of the Fulbright Board. Fulbright awards are made possible through annual appropriations from the U.S. Congress and contributions from partner countries and private parties.

“Having Terrence receive this international honor is a recognition of the caliber and importance of the research he has accomplished through the years on such a relevant societal topic,” said Dr. James M. MacLaren, LVC president. “We are fortunate that he shares his passion for change with his students daily.”

Dr. Alladin will research Empathy and Recidivism: Measuring Reincarceration at Belize Central Prison with Galen University, Belize, serving as his host institution. He will research recidivism through the lens of Peacemaking Criminology at Belize Central Prison.  

“This Fulbright scholarship will significantly advance my research by providing access to resources and facilities that would otherwise be inaccessible,” said Alladin. “The funding will enable me to focus on my research, collaborate with domestic and international experts and scholars in the field, enrich the quality of my work, and broaden my perspectives.”

Peacemaking is a nonviolent approach to criminality developed by Richard Quinney and Harold Pepinski (1991). It is a perspective on crime which suggests that alternative methods can be used to create peaceful solutions to crime, while also reducing the amount of violence in criminal justice. Peacemaking criminology is a different approach from the practices currently employed in the criminal justice system.

The Fulbright Scholar Program

Fulbright Scholars—college and university faculty, administrators, and researchers, as well as artists and professionals—build their skills and connections, gain valuable international insights, and return home to share their experiences with their students and colleagues. Scholars come from and go to all institution types and geographic regions across the United States and around the world.

The Fulbright Scholar Program for academics and professionals awards more than 1,700 fellowships each year, enabling 800 U.S. Scholars to go abroad and 900 Visiting Scholars to come to the United States. As a Fulbright Scholar, you’ll make meaningful contributions to communities abroad and at home, as well as in your chosen field. You’ll also advance your career by joining a network of accomplished alumni serving as leaders and educators across the globe.

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