Calculating the Odds

Jaylen Reichner basketball news photo

Winding down on his LVC career, Jaylen Reichner ’22 has built an impressive list of academic accolades along with lifelong friendships and memories with his teammates and fellow student-athletes. Reichner, a basketball co-captain and actuarial science major, entered his senior season with a full-time job confirmed.

“In one of my high school classes, we had to research three jobs that seemed interesting to us. One of the jobs was an actuary. It was a new job but seemed promising with a lot of growth potential. Also, it seemed to use a lot of the skills that I had and enjoyed,” said Reichner, whose parents are both math teachers.

Enter onto the scene a friend of Reichner’s who told him about LVC’s Actuarial Science Program.

“My parents and I looked into it and thought it looked like a great school. I also knew that I would like to play basketball, so I reached out to Coach McAlester. I came on a visit, and Coach showed me around campus and set up a meeting with Dr. [Patrick] Brewer to talk about the Actuarial Science Program. After the visit, I felt it was a perfect fit,” said the 6-foot, 3-inch guard from Millville, Pa.

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