Area Superintendent Hones Skills, Builds Network with MBA Degree

Dr. Robin Felty

Dr. Robin Felty M’14, superintendent of Manheim Township School District, enrolled in LVC’s Master of Business Administration Program in 2011. With a doctorate in educational leadership already on her résumé, Felty was an unusual MBA candidate. We asked her to share the goals she had for herself and why she chose LVC to accomplish them.


What was your motivation for getting an MBA, particularly working in the education field? 

I wanted to receive business-related content and skills at a more in-depth, extended level—one that offered real-world and theoretical knowledge of how effective businesses and organizations operate.


Why did you choose Lebanon Valley College? 

I chose LVC because the MBA Program offered several business leadership-related courses [within the larger program] that integrated educational leadership components. Also, LVC has a reputation for having professors with strong professional and educational qualifications and experiences relative to business administration, and the professors are personable and engaging.


How did you balance work, life, and learning?

I found the flexibility within the time frame of course offerings, as well as the ability to take courses off-campus, to be highly beneficial. For example, some of the courses were held at the Lancaster Lebanon Intermediate Unit campus, which helped me balance my work commitments with the MBA requirements. Also, I did have some flexibility taking courses outside the typical sequence, which helped the MBA Program align with my work schedule.


What have you been able to apply from the program to your role as superintendent? 

Beyond the in-depth learning about project management, strategic leadership, and marketing, which are quite applicable to my role as a district superintendent, I also gained valuable professional relationships with leaders from the business field who were in my program, expanding my professional network.


What advice would you give to someone without a business background considering an MBA? 

The MBA Program will undoubtedly challenge and enrich their professional growth. Given that I did not have an undergraduate degree in business, I spent much time gaining background knowledge on theories and concepts related to business operations (accounting, economics, etc.) to understand better and apply the concepts learned within the MBA Program.


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