Master’s Degree Leads to Position in Criminal Intelligence

Lee Amarose played football at LVC and earned his master's in intelligence and security studies

Lee Amarose ‘19, M’23 completed LVC’s master’s in Intelligence and Security Studies while working full-time as a labor analyst for the Pennsylvania Department of Health and Human Services. The online asynchronous program fit perfectly with Amarose’s schedule, allowing him to complete the program in just one year.

“The classes touched on every aspect of intelligence and security, from the military, environment, business, etc., making the program well-rounded and not limiting the student to military or criminal analysis. The scope allows students to branch off into what they are interested in, and every reading and assignment can be used in various aspects of the working world,” said Amarose, who earned his degree in May.

Just weeks after finishing his degree, Amarose started a new job as a law enforcement analyst with the Harford County (Md.) Sheriff’s Office Southern precinct. As part of the criminal suppression unit, he works with the intelligence unit in special operations to produce reports on specific areas. That information is shared with deputies in the field and used in real-time and as part of proactive policing.

“I would not have been qualified for this role without my degree and the classwork I completed throughout the MSISS program. I did my thesis on intelligence-led policing, which directly correlates to my daily work. I am grateful for the opportunity the program has given me,” said Amarose.

While years removed from his bachelor’s degree in Politics, Amarose still uses some lessons learned as an LVC undergrad and two-year starter on the Flying Dutchmen football team.

“LVC taught me to balance my time and create a schedule so I don’t expend too much or bog myself down. My professors were willing to go out of their way to help and get you to prosper. They talked to you as an adult, not just a student, and gave advice that would be used after college. This all helped me to hit the ground running once I graduated.”

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