Executive Committee for the 2019-2020 academic year

Student Government is composed of 36 full-time students. Twenty-seven upper-class students are elected from the student body each spring for a one-year term beginning in September. This includes four class officers, four class representatives, and a commuter representative from each returning class. In addition, nine first-year students are elected in September. Students must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher to be eligible for election.

Each spring the budget finance committee conducts hearings for the allocation of funds from the student activities fee to approved clubs and organizations. The committee makes its allocation recommendations to Student Government for approval. All clubs and organizations receiving funds must submit a financial statement to Student Government each semester.

With the director of student activities, Student Government coordinates and provides financing for student activities. They also plan major campus-wide events including Homecoming and Winter Formal.

Executive Board:                        

President: Justin Lytle jl006@lvc.edu
Vice-President for Student Affairs: Abby Hamilton ach007@lvc.edu
Vice-President for Academic Affairs: Chris Miller cjm014@lvc.edu
Treasurer: Amber Stamm as033@lvc.edu
Secretary: Julia Resele jrr003@lvc.edu
Communications: Madison Maloney mm023@lvc.edu

Class of 2020:                        

President: Maddie Dietz mbd002@lvc.edu
Vice-President: Justin Lytle  jl006@lvc.edu
Treasurer: Malia Waltman mjw007@lvc.edu
Secretary: Emily Leibley erl002@lvc.edu
Representatives: Bryce Moyer bm008@lvc.edu
  Alexis Sanders ags004@lvc.edu
  Elliot Miller egm001@lvc.edu
Commuter Rep: Kylee Petritsch kp006@lvc.edu
Equity Rep: Abby Hamilton ach007@lvc.edu

Class of 2021:                        

President: Jared Kramer jk015@lvc.edu
Vice-President: Ethan Pizzo emp006@lvc.edu
Treasurer: Kaitlyn Welch kw016@lvc.edu
Secretary: Madison Maloney mm023@lvc.edu
Representatives: Chris Miller cjm014@lvc.edu
  Emily Wilczek ecw003@lvc.edu
  Emily Frazier elf001@lvc.edu
Commuter Rep: Amber Stamm as033@lvc.edu
Equity Rep: Allison Liu (fall)/Nicole Flohr (spring) ajl008@lvc.edu and ncf002@lvc.edu


Class of 2022:                        

President: Brandon Kemmery bnk001@lvc.edu
Vice-President: Dawsen Miller drm007@lvc.edu
Treasurer: Brody Johnston boj001@lvc.edu
Secretary: Ryan Dennehy rpd001@lvc.edu
Representatives: Julia Resele jrr003@lvc.edu
  Faith Roberts far001@lvc.edu
  Taylor Laliberte tl007@lvc.edu
Commuter Rep: Zach Renninger znr001@lvc.edu
Equity Rep: Pierce Hunter-Kysor (fall)/Tyler Vokes (spring) pch003@lvc.edu and tdv001@lvc.edu
Advisor: Jen Evans jevans@lvc.edu