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Wellness Committee

Your wellness at work

Lebanon Valley College is investing in the health and productivity of our campus community and our organization. The Wellness Committee will offer ways to help people get healthy and stay healthy with easy access to programs and educational exhibits.

Wellness Committee members are Carol Brashear, Rachel Brunner, Chris Dolan, James O’Brien, Jill Savini, and Melissa Sherwood.

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Mission, Vision, & Goals

Our Mission

To inspire, create, and maintain an environment that supports each person’s healthy lifestyle choices.

Our Vision

The vision of the Lebanon Valley College Wellness Committee is to strive to educate employees through intentional programming and education to promote healthy lifestyles. To encourage movement and provide tools and resources that will improve employee’s overall wellness.

Our Goals

  1. Encourage all employees to be healthy, active and happy by providing resources and education.
  2. Promote wellness programs and initiatives specific to the needs and wants of Lebanon Valley College Employees.
  3. Educate Employees on relevant health and wellness topics.

Wellness Events