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VALE Music Group

Student Owned. Student Run.

With a well-respected music program backing VALE, the group is an exciting place for aspiring musicians and industry hopefuls. Students involved come from all majors–within and outside of the music department. VALE is compromised of four different branches that help students build entrepreneurial skills: VALE Records, VALE Conference, VALE Live, and VALE Publishing.

The group signs on student artists for their label and help young artists produce, publish and promote their music and brand. Those involved in VALE have the chance to work on every aspect involved in music business, including the recruitment of potential artists, studio recording, and hosting live performances. These are very unique opportunities at the undergraduate level, and provide LVC students with early experiences in this competitive industry.

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VALE Media Industries Conference

Every year VALE hosts a media industry conference at the College, welcoming guest speakers and renowned music and media professionals to campus. It is a unique and exciting event, featuring presentations and guest panelists from the marketing industry, along with professional musicians, entrepreneurs, and studio engineers.

Listen to VALE Artists

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Sam Machin

Sam Machin, an early childhood education major, signed with VALE in spring 2017. Machin has used music as an outlet and turns bad emotions into a positive outlook. Her music style, which falls under the blendings of jazz, soul, and pop, is inspired by her love of all genres.

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November Lounge

November Lounge is a jazz/rock band comprised of three Lebanon Valley College music students. The trio primarily uses jazz theory in their song writing to create a plethora of soothing sounds that provide for easy listening while also adding improvised jams into their compositions.

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Lukr Kruger-Aimone

Luke Kruger-Aimone signed with VALE Music Group for a one-song contract. His musical style can be described as EDM. His song “Interstellar Shores” was inspired by his fascination with the unknown and has a spacey overall mood with an intense chorus.

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Sheridan Ave

Sheridan Ave is a pop/alternative/rap band that was created at LVC. The band features Lucas Gienow on Vocals/Guitar/Piano, Najee Parker on Vocals/Sax, and Brad Hartman on Guitar/Sax.

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Tyler “Kouqj” Garrett ’13

Vale Founding Member Owner of Seventh Wave Studio