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Learn the second-most widely spoken language in the world and open numerous career opportunities in the U.S. and globally. LVC's Spanish major will prepare you to engage multiculturally in your career and in your community.

Spanish speakers have an advantage in the job market both here in the United States and around the world. Majoring or minoring in Spanish can help you become a better physician, lawyer, engineer, or any profession you’re looking to pursue. As is true for most of our programs at LVC, need-based departmental scholarships are available for students who need them.

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The Spanish major at LVC lets you immerse yourself in the Spanish language and culture via short-term summer study abroad programs, international service trips to Spanish-speaking countries, and volunteer work with the local Hispanic community.

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Study Abroad Opportunities

Summer in Costa Rica

The summer study program in Costa Rica allows students to complete six Spanish credits (SPA 102; 201/202; 300), while exploring three different cities.

Semester in Spain

This fall or spring semester program offers students the opportunity to participate in a total-immersion cultural experience in beautiful Valencia.

job growth for interpreters and translators, 2021–31 (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
most spoken first language in the world
1 million+
Spanish speakers in Pennsylvania, 2020 (U.S. Census)

In Their Words

I was overwhelmed by how caring the LVC community is. I truly believe that this community directly contributes to the success of its students and is invaluable to cultivating a society of individuals who are inspired to accomplish great things outside the classroom.
Julia Resele ’22, Fulbright Scholar, Life Skills Teacher, Northern Lebanon Elementary School
Being a part of the language department was my favorite part of my LVC experience. Studying language is more than learning to speak, it also entails learning about the culture. Those things are best learned outside of the classroom!
Madeline McHale ’13, Lead Physical Therapist, Surgical Institute of Reading
I knew I wanted to do something within the healthcare field and being able to use my Spanish skills in a rewarding environment like Penn State Health is more of an opportunity than I could have imagined when I first began college.
Karla Bingaman ’18, Global Studies and Spanish Double Major

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