Language Placement Test

Language Placement Test
  • Have you completed at least one year of Spanish, French, or German in high school or at least one semester in college?
  • Are you a native speaker of Spanish, French, or German, or is one of these languages the primary one spoken in your home?

If you answered YES to either of these questions, then you are required to take a short online language placement test prior to enrolling in courses at LVC. Your placement will help you and your advisor plan the classes you need to take while getting the most out of the language and culture you choose to study.

No preparation is necessary for the placement test–it is merely an instrument for finding the most appropriate course level for you, should you wish to study that language at LVC. For this reason, placement tests may only be taken once. Please remember that the goal is merely to determine your level on the first day of a language class, so attempts to achieve a score above or below your true ability will not serve you well.

While there is no charge for taking one placement test for each language in which you have the experience, subsequent attempts to repeat the same language test without express approval from the LVC Department of Languages will incur a charge of $25 for each test completed.

Just make sure you have a computer where you can devote 30 minutes or so to taking the test online, in an environment where you won’t be distracted or interrupted. Good luck!


Language Placement Test Instructions

Visit here to begin the Language Placement Test.

  • Create your account.
  • When asked “Student ID” – please place the name of your high school or previous institution in this space.
  • Log in with your e-mail and password.
  • On the subsequent page, select the desired language.
  • Once a language is chosen, fill out the necessary personal information.
  • Begin and complete the test.
  • When finished, you will see your results automatically in your internet browser.