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Social Justice & Civic Engagement

LVC’s Social Justice & Civic Engagement degree will help you cultivate the knowledge, experience, and skills to identify and address the causes of inequity and suffering in a globalized world. You'll complete projects based on your community service and outreach interests.

Working with faculty from many departments, you’ll gain a multi-layered perspective on inequity; a nuanced and inclusive understanding of the call for justice; and an ethically responsible and creative approach to social change.

Need-based departmental scholarships are available.

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This comprehensive program provides a firm foundation in ethics, the history of social movements, and political philosophy. You’ll deepen your understanding of cultural criticism and the mechanisms of social change and have plenty of opportunities to develop career skills. Hands-on projects have focused on mental health awareness, animal rescue, housing, clothing, and domestic violence.

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Build on Your Education

Complementary Majors

Tailor your degree to your interests and career goals by pursuing a related program, like criminal justice, global studies, or political science.

Graduate Study

LVC offers graduate programs and certificates that align perfectly with Social Justice & Civic Engagement, including our Master of Clinical Mental Health or School Counseling, MBA, or MBA certificates in Leadership & Ethics and Healthcare Management.

Social Justice Institute

Put your passion into action through our annual Social Justice Institute. You’ll get to serve people in major cities, like Manhattan, while cultivating your leadership aptitude and exploring how oppression impacts equality.

In Their Words

LVC takes pride in the spirit of volunteerism and community service that has long been a hallmark of our student culture. Our Social Justice and Civic Engagement major builds on that existing strength, then channels it so that students who are eager to make a positive difference in the world are armed with a knowledge base and skill set to become even more effective agents of change.
Dr. Jeffrey W. Robbins, Professor of Religion & Director of American Studies
As a social justice major at LVC, I enjoy being part of a tight-knit community of students and faculty that are invested in bettering the world around them. Everyone has their own niche or movement that they’re invested in, and so it’s interesting to see everyone collaborate and bring their own perspectives to classes. Also, the major is structured to allow room for specialization depending on what you’re interested in and even pair with another major.
Julia Wecker ’23, English and Social Justice & Civic Engagement major

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