Mission, Goals, & Objectives

Social Justice and Civic Engagement Program Mission

The mission of LVC’s Social Justice and Civic Engagement program is to help students cultivate the knowledge, experience, and skills needed to identify and address the cultural, ideological, systematic, and structural causes of inequity and suffering in a globalized world.


Program Goals and Objectives

  • For students to be aware of cultural diversity and their own cultural locatedness.
    • Articulate insights into own cultural rules and biases and how one’s culture shapes one’s worldviews.
    • Demonstrate sophisticated understanding of the complexity of elements of other cultures
  • For students to be knowledgeable about the nature of social differences and the theories and practices of social justice. 
    • Recall foundational knowledge necessary to evaluate domination, oppression, social welfare, and justice
    • Understand social justice theories and professional practices
    • Reflect on both personal and structural aspects of religious, political, cultural, and social paradigms
  • For students to be able to analyze systems in order to reveal their workings and identify alternatives.
    • Explain the links between well-being, social justice, and diverse worldviews
    • Interrogate a variety of power dynamics in a complex, pluralistic culture
    • Employ ethical reasoning to critique historical and contemporary social systems
  • For students to be engaged in the praxis of social change.
    • Organize collaboratively across social/cultural differences
    • Advocate for awareness, engagement, or change with respect to social justice


For more information on learning goals and outcomes, contact institutionalresearch@lvc.edu.