Dr. Noëlle Vahanian

Noëlle Vahanian

Professor of Philosophy

Email: vahanian@lvc.edu

Phone: 717-867-6134

Office Location: Humanities 307-A

Pronouns: she/her/hers

B.A., Syracuse University; M.A., Syracuse University; M.Phil., Syracuse University; Ph.D., Syracuse University

Continental Philosophy of Religion

Research & Practice Areas:
Contemporary Continental Philosophy of Religion, Genocide Studies, Decolonial Projects

My area of expertise is Continental philosophy of religion. I also have a research interest in both genocide studies and decolonial works. My current research examines some of the ways that western discourses are complicit in the erasure of marginalized voices, histories, and identities.


  • The Rebellious No: Variations on a Secular Theology of Language. Fordham University Press, 2014.
  • Language, Desire, and Theology: A Genealogy of the Will to Speak. Routledge Press, 2003.
  • Anonymous God: An essay on not dreading words. Translation of Gabriel Vahanian: Dieu anonyme ou la peur des mots. The Davies Group, 2001.


Co-Authored Book


Chapters in Peer-Reviewed Books

  • “Genocide and the Sin of Identity.” In Catherine Keller, Andrea White, & Clayton Crockett (eds.), Political Theology on the Edge. Fordham University Press, 2021.
  • “Eternal Scar of the Fictive Mind.” In Clayton Crockett and Jeffrey Robbins (eds.), Doing Theology in the Age of Trump: A Critical Report on Christian Nationalism. Cascade Books, 2018.


Peer-Reviewed Articles

  • “On the Repeatable Human Victim and Perpetrator in Genocide.” In Philosophy Today, Special Issue: Rethinking Victimhood: Phenomenology, Religion, and the Human Condition, Vol. 65, Issue 4, Fall 2021. DOI:10.5840/philtoday2021727422.
  • “Look, A Human Being! Anthropomorphic Solipsism in Postsecular Thought.” In Russell Re Manning (ed.), Collection:‘What Future for the Philosophy of Religion?’ Palgrave Communications Special Issue. Palgrave Macmillan, November 2018.


Invited Contributions

  • “A Room (for Faith) between Reason and Revelation: A Response to Merold Westphal’s In Praise of Heteronomy: Making Room for Revelation.” In Syndicate Journal, October 2019.
  • “Charles Winquist.” In Christopher Rodkey and Jordan Miller (eds.), Palgrave Handbook of Radical Theologies. Palgrave Macmillan, 2018.
  • “Gianni Vattimo’s Religion.” The Los Angeles Review of Books, November 2016.
  • “Intellectual Freedom in Kant.” In Mike Grimshaw and Cindy Zeiher (eds.), ‘What Does Intellectual Freedom Mean Today? A Provocation’, Continental Thought and Theory journal, Vol. 1, Issue 1, April 2016.
  • PHL 210: Ethics for Social Justice
  • FYE 111: The Good Life
  • JSTC 499: Community, Justice, and Sustainability