Childhood psychology

Psychology Mission, Goals, & Objectives

Psychology Department Mission

The Psychology Department at Lebanon Valley College provides students with active learning experiences (in classroom and co-curricular environments) that facilitate skill development – relative to information literacy, knowledge integration, critical analysis, and oral/written communication – that they can utilize throughout their lives. Students also acquire an understanding of behavior on psychological and neurological levels that can be applied to real-world personal/professional contexts and facilitate entry into the workforce and/or pursuit of advanced academic degrees following graduation from the College.


Psychology Department Goals and Objectives


Program Goal 1: Acquisition (gathering information)  

  • Students will demonstrate effective reading comprehension skills.  
  • Students will demonstrate effective information literacy skills. 


Program Goal 2: Assembly (bringing together different pieces of information) 

  • Students will articulate the relationship between theory and data.  
  • Students will synthesize information from different sources when developing conclusions. 


Program Goal 3: Analysis (examining collected information to develop deep understanding)  

  • Students will analyze and interpret data appropriately.  
  • Students will render data-based judgments regarding methods, theories, and/or evidence. 


Program Goal 4: Application (utilizing obtained understanding in novel contexts) 

  • Students will use scientific principles to solve problems. 
  • Students will be prepared to create an appropriate application for post-graduate placement aligned with personal interests. 


Program Goal 5: Articulation (communicating knowledge on a given topic)  

  • Students will communicate effectively in written form. 
  • Students will communicate effectively in oral form. 


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