Secondary Teacher Certification Requirements

Degree Requirements for Secondary Teacher Certification:

Students must complete the approved program in the chosen major, requirements of the state of Pennsylvania, and 33 credits in education courses, consisting of SED 115, EDU 245 (students seeking K–12 certification may take EDU 240 instead of EDU 245), SPE 250, SPE 255, SED 421, SED 431, SED 440, and the appropriate content methods class SED 361, SED 362, SED 363, SED 364, SED 365, or SED 366. Three credits of special education content are infused in secondary education coursework. Because students who transfer to LVC may not have been exposed to this content, they may also be required to take SPE 258 in addition to the other courses listed. SED 431 must be taken in the fall or spring semester immediately preceding the student teaching semester.

Departmental majors may be certified in Biology, Chemistry, Citizenship Education, English, Mathematics, Music, Physics, Social Studies, and Spanish. Candidates will observe and teach in middle school and high school settings for each required education course prior to full-time teaching.