Criminal Justice Mission, Goals, & Objectives

The Criminal Justice Department Goals

Program Goal 1: Students will demonstrate exemplary competence in their discipline.  

  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of crime, the criminal justice system, law enforcement, criminology, and deviance. 


Program Goal 2: Students will demonstrate proficient research skills.  

  • Students will locate and appropriately use high-quality, credible source material.  
  • Students will identify the thesis, main points, and evidence in scholarly literature. 


Program Goal 3: Students will demonstrate effective communication skills.  

  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of the conventions particular to their discipline through the organization, content, presentation, formatting and stylistic choices in their written work.  
  • Students will communicate their ideas effectively in class discussions, and to do a formal research presentation with professional delivery.  
  • Students will write a scholarly research paper, either independently or collaboratively, that includes a thesis, literature review, empirical data and analysis. 


Program Goal 4: Students will demonstrate advanced critical thinking skills.  

  • Students will analyze and critically evaluate ideas, arguments, and points of view. 
  • Students will apply course material to problem-solving and decisions. 
  • Students will go beyond perspectives presented in class to formulate original, well-defended explanations that show familiarity with perspectives on events or processes. 


Program Goal 5: Students will develop the knowledge, skills, and attributes to perform effectively as a professional. 

  • Students will analyze diverse economic, social, and cultural activities.  
  • Students will assess their own ethical and professional conduct, as well as on others within their field. 


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