Business Administration Mission, Goals, and Objectives

Department of Business, Accounting, and Economics Mission

The Lebanon Valley College Department of Business, Accounting, and Economics seeks to make LVC the school of choice among selected high-potential, college-bound high school seniors and college sophomore transfer students in Pennsylvania and surrounding Mid-Atlantic states. The specific mission of each departmental program is to build on the flexibility and breadth of the liberal arts curriculum of the college and help each student develop the particular skill set essential to launch and manage their careers. In pursuit of this mission, the Department holds to a set of core values: collegiality, professionalism, and respect for colleagues’ academic freedom; achievement through collaboration and teamwork; integrity supported by ethical behavior; exceptional communication skills; and continuous improvement using ACBSP accreditation benchmarks and best practices. These values facilitate the interactions within the Department and across the campus deemed essential to success in this endeavor.


Business Administration Program Goals


Program Goal 1: Students will develop informed perspectives required by business professionals in a dynamic global marketplace. 

  • Students will demonstrate the necessary knowledge, skills, and ethical frameworks of proficient and innovative business leaders.


Program Goal 2: Students will demonstrate effective communication skills. 

  • Students will demonstrate effective communication in method, manner, and content particular to their discipline through the organization, presentation, formatting and stylistic choices in their written and oral communications.
  • Students will communicate clearly and persuasively in various business contexts both in writing and orally, as well as present ideas effectively in class discussions and formal presentations.
  • Students will synthesize communication skills with leadership skills to both lead teams and collaborate effectively in teams.


Program Goal 3: Students will demonstrate advanced critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

  • Students will analyze complex business situations, identify problems, and develop strategic solutions using both quantitative and qualitative methods.
  • Students will apply course material to problem-solving and decisions in core business disciplines, demonstrating a broad understanding of how different functions integrate within an organization.
  • Students will construct perspectives reflective of business environments in which cultural diversity and disciplinary practices are consistent with the challenges of operating in a global economy.


Program Goal 4: Students will display the knowledge and competencies necessary to work effectively as a professional in the field of study.

  • Students will utilize contemporary business technologies and data analytics tools to make informed decisions and foster business innovation.
  • Students will consider ethical implications and social responsibilities in business decisions, promoting sustainable and socially responsible business practices.


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Additional Information

Faculty supporting the Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration major at Lebanon Valley College is committed to providing an exceptional learning experience and a supportive learning environment that:

  1. Conveys effectively the knowledge and comprehension of the multiple disciplines within a business in the context of a liberal arts education.
  2. Produces students with superior written and oral business communication skills.
  3. Develops students’ abilities to effectively analyze the context, apply principles and concepts to real problems and opportunities, and to synthesize solutions either alone or in small groups.
  4. Equips students to continue to acquire new knowledge and build relationships in an everchanging global business environment.
  5. Develops a thorough understanding of the ethical challenges of business in a global environment and develops in students the habit of honest, objective, and moral evaluation of the consequences of their actions.
  6. Encourages and assists students to develop the multi-disciplinary skill set that suits their expressed post-graduate career intentions.

Students completing a B.S. in Business Administration at Lebanon Valley College will demonstrate and possess:

  1. An understanding of the fundamental knowledge in the business disciplines of accounting, economics, management, management science, marketing, finance, international business, information management, business ethics, and corporate strategy.
  2. Effective reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills in the context of professional business communications.
  3. Effective fundamental project management skills.
  4. Effective information research skills including information gathering, databases searching, assessing the value of information, and communicating their findings.
  5. Effective skills in applying generally accepted mathematical and statistical methodologies to the analysis and solution of complex business problems.
  6. Critical thinking skills including the ability to describe, analyze, and link the context with concepts and theories, evaluate the situation, solve problems, and make and defend decisions.
  7. Experience in interacting professionally and productively in small groups in a variety of social and business settings.
  8. The ability to understand, apply and integrate leading-edge information technology in the business environment.
  9. The ability to examine and evaluate individual and organizational behavior and their consequences within a moral framework.
  10. An assertive and active approach to launching and managing their careers.

NOTE: Since the Bachelor’s in Health Care Administration represents the addition of a Business Administration major to the student’s prior Associates’s Degree and professional certification in health care, the Health Care Management Program shares the same Mission and Student Outcome goals as the Business Administration Program.