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Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

LVC's nationally recognized program combines chemistry and biology with an emphasis on student-faculty research. This major gives you a strong background in the life sciences and the flexibility to customize your degree according to your career goals.

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As a biochemistry and molecular biology major, you’ll have the opportunity to work with top researchers in the field and present your findings in peer-reviewed journals and conferences. When you graduate, you’ll be ahead of the pack and well on your way to a fulfilling and fascinating career in the life sciences. Need-based departmental scholarships are available.

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Research First

Get a Head Start as a Scientist

Every year, a select number of incoming LVC first-year students are accepted into Research First, an immersive summer program where you’ll work with faculty-led research teams. You’ll learn new laboratory techniques and get to know LVC students and faculty before beginning your college journey!

LVC biochem/molecular bio graduates have received NIH fellowships in the last 14 years
(8 of 10) Class of 2023 Medical School Acceptance Rate (National Average = 42% [Class of 2022])
(3 of 3) Class of 2023 Dental School Acceptance Rate (National Average = 53.5% [American Dental Education Association])
(3 of 3) Class of 2023 Pharmacy School Acceptance Rate (National Average = 89% [March 2023])
(9 of 10) Class of 2023 Veterinary School Acceptance Rate (National Average = 10-15%)
(3 of 3) Class of 2023 Optometry School Acceptance Rate (National Average = 74%)
(5 of 8) LVC Five-year Physician Assistant Acceptance Rate (National Average = 31%)

In Their Words

My favorite class was Instrumental Analysis. Though not fully relevant to my major, I learned information I could use in any major. The class improved my problem-solving and technical skills when working with instruments, which I used in all my other classes. What I learned in that class will be vital, whether I pursue industry work or research after graduation.
Wyatt Zimmerman ’24
LVC pushed me to think beyond the normal thought process. This not only challenged me, but also taught me to challenge my abilities in the real-world to do more and do better.
Heather Tran Smail ’14, QC Project Specialist, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)
It is somewhat surreal to be where I am now with two degrees and a full-time position. I always thought that this level of success was achievable, and now that I have reached this point, I look back and see just how much LVC helped me reach my goals.
Amy Evans ’16, Forensic Scientist and DNA Technician, Dover Air Force Base

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