COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 vaccines are available to all groups in PA. Let LVC know when you are fully vaccinated.

We are excited to offer appointments, networking events, job fairs, presentations, and workshops for the fall 2021 semester! 

Please visit Handshake, call 717-867-6560, or stop by the office to schedule a virtual or in-person appointment. Questions? Email or call 717-867-6560 or ext. 6560.

Important Information and FAQs

The Breen Center for Graduate Success team will continue to support students in a virtual format with their career readiness on the topics listed below:

Career Coaching Personal Branding
Degree Exploration Graduate School Planning
Interview Preparation Professional Development
Networking & Job Searching Resume & Cover Letter Writing
LinkedIn & Online Presence Reviews  


Virtual Drop In Hours for Fall 2021

Instructions for attending virtual drop-ins

Virtual Drop-Ins will begin the week of August 30. If you would rather meet with a career coach, please follow the instructions under "I would like a career coaching appointment." 

  1. The fall 2021 drop-in hours will be announced soon! 
  2. Click this link to access the drop-in room:
  3. When you click on the link, you will be placed in the waiting room. Wait for a Breen Center staff member to admit you into the meeting.
  4. Be prepared to provide your email address and the reason for attending drop-ins to the Breen Center staff member to get you checked in. Also, have your document ready to share on your screen or email to the staff member. 

You are encouraged to turn on your video and microphone to get the most out of your drop-in session.


I would like a career coaching appointment.

I need to meet with a career coach. What do I do?

  • Virtual appointments are strongly preferred. Members of the Breen Center team will offer daily virtual appointments using Zoom. 

Scheduling an appointment in Handshake.

Follow the below instructions to schedule your appointment with a staff member. You can also view an instructional video on how to schedule appointments.

  1. Log in to Handshake.
  2. Click on Career Center in the top right-hand corner.
  3. Choose Appointments from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click Schedule a New Appointment.
  5. Choose your Category.
  6. Choose an Appointment Type.
  7. Using the arrows, toggle through the days of the week to display the available staff members & days/times.
  8. Identify a day and time that works for your schedule, and click the block to open the appointment.
  9. Choose your appointment medium (note: in-person appointments are not available every day with every staff member)
  10. Type your message to the staff in the “what can we help you with?” text box.
  11. Complete the three "pre-appointment survey" questions
  12. Click the green Request button.
  13. Once we review your appointment request, you will be able to view the status:
    • Click on Career Center.
    • Choose Appointments from the drop-down menu.
    • You will see a list of upcoming appointments and whether they have been approved, declined, or are still pending.
    • You will also see a list of all past appointments.
  14. You will work 1:1 online with a career coach using Zoom. The career coach will set up the appointment and provide you with access instructions. 
  15. If you already work with a career coach, you will be encouraged to continue working together using Zoom.

I need an appointment time outside of the listed availability.

  • Students can also email to schedule virtual appointments via Zoom.

If you have any questions or concerns about receiving help, please contact, or individually using the contact information here.

I have a document (resume, cover letter, personal statement, etc.) that I would like reviewed, but do not necessarily need to meet with a career coach.

How can I receive a document review?

  • If you would like to have a document reviewed by a career coach, please email a Word, Google Doc, or an Office 365 document to Please do not email PDFs, as we cannot manipulate the content in a PDF. Our policy: we will provide your reviewed document back within 2-3 business days. 
  • Once a document is received, a career coach will review it and contact you directly with feedback, to set up a potential virtual conference, and/or discuss further steps.
  • If you already work with a career coach, you will be encouraged to continue working together using a variety of means (Zoom, email, phone, etc.).
  • All drop-in hours are being offered virtually for the spring semester. 

At the Breen Center for Graduate Success, we help LVC students develop and implement their career plans and graduate/professional school pursuits. We play a unique and complementary role in the overall educational experience of both undergraduate and graduate students by helping them develop or refine the skills needed to successfully navigate the workplace. We are an integral part of the college and we join the efforts of the campus to "inspire and prepare students to find careers that reflect their values and lead to lives of connection and meaning." For more information, see our goals, core functions, and policies.

The Breen Center team and trained student Career Peers take an active one-on-one approach to career preparation, starting the fall of first-year.